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July 2017, August 2017 And September 2017 Online Earnings

First I want to say how sorry I am for not doing my monthly post but it has been so crazy here lately. In my previous earning post I had mentioned the split from my long term boyfriend. We are still split but still get on as friends. I am dating someone else now who is sweeping me off my feet. I also worked every single day (minus rain days) harvesting my parents garden which I did get paid for so that was a nice help to my earnings. Sadly due to the garden though I have not been doing really anything online as far as earnings go. I am just now looking over the sites I was working on. I need to spend a day to catch up too, I don't know what is new out there for earning sites.

So here is a look at my earnings.

July 2017
Swagbucks - $25.00 CAD
GrindaBuck - $5.00 USD - $6.25 CAD after currency conversion
Pinecone Research - $3.00 CAD
Total before conversions: $33.00
Grand total of everything converted to CAD: $34.25 CAD

August 2017 and September 2017 there was no earnings.

So as you can s…