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Swago Shop Board Problems, Found A Fix!

So as much as I like Swagbucks sometime the Swago boards have challenges ranging from it being impossible for me to do a square because my city doesn't have "Shop Local" or a store not existing anymore like the issue with the "Sears" box which was later replaced in a recent Swago Shop. Tomorrow is the last day to enter your Swago board pattern and the issue I was facing was the square for "Barnes & Noble" on the Swagbucks app this store doesn't seem to exist in the list on the app. I even searched "All" and nothing. I found a way to make it work though and included pictures to help.

Step 1 - Go to the search feature in the Swagbucks app and search for "Swago"

Step 2 - Once you search find the selection like the one I have circled in the picture.

Step 3 - After this you can get it to load the swago board and it should take you to the "Barnes & Noble" page. I already did this before taking the screenshot with m…

December 2017 Online Earnings

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and got to relax and spend time with loved ones near and far. And of course we are now in 2018 so happy new year! My holidays were fun I got to see my family Christmas eve instead of Christmas day due to bad weather we had. It normally does not storm but it did this year so I had to travel according to plans. Now I live a bit farther from my family as well so I had to keep that in mind while traveling. 
December was kind of a busy month too. I did some extra cleaning and then of course budgeting and getting ready for Christmas. My December earnings were not great for the end of the year but here is a look at them.
December 2017 Online Earnings Grindabuck - $8.00 USD - $9.93 after conversion to CAD Appen Butler Hill - $15.00 AUD - $14.64 after conversion to CAD Qmee - $3.94 CAD Streetbees - $1.00 USD - $1.23 after conversion to CAD ProlificAcademic£5.62 GBP - $9.34 after conversion to CAD
Total before conversions: $ 33.56 Grand total of everyt…