January 2018 Online Earnings

So I had a sticky note to remind myself to do an end of year post and I forgot all about it. I ended up not doing an end of year post like I was supposed to. So I am sorry for making you all wait. I will try and get on that sometime this week. The end of year post is kind of important since I was going to include my top 3 earners and top worse earners.

I had big plans for January or thought I did but that was not the case. The only positive is that  I posted to forums a bit more but aside from that my earnings did not improve much. Yesterday though I did get the mic working on my headset and was able to do 2 website test with UserTesting so that is good and a nice quick add to my February earnings so far. Here is a list of my earnings for January 2018:

January 2018 Online Earnings
Qmee - $1.23 CAD
GrindaBuck - $13.50 USD -  $16.27 after conversion to CAD
RewardingWays - $6.13 USD - $7.39 after conversion to CAD
Prolific Academic£5.48 GBP - $9.10 after conversion to CAD
Swagbucks - 424 SBs (equivalent to $4.24 cents)
SurveyLion - $5.00 CAD (Check form, this is 2 months of surveys so 4 surveys in total)
BestMark - $8.00 USD - $9.89 after conversion to CAD
Total: $43.58
Total with conversions - $53.12

I noticed just now that I never include Swagbucks properly. I tend to include it when I cash out. But regardless of not cashing out I still made a few SBs and figured it was worth sharing. My earnings are never high with Swagbucks. I only do surveys when I am in the mood and I find their passive video program to be horrible it takes to long to make anything. I like using Swagbucks to enter the codes for points, and cashback mostly.

I have a post from 2017 about BestMark you can read here. I by no means forgot about this website I just wasn't interested in doing phone shops at the time or going to a store, plus I don't own the vehicle type needed for the shops. Instead, I stick to the web shop. Just to clarify a web shop does not mean shopping online. It means in this event using the contact method to get info and you evaluate the customer service received by email. 


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