My 3 Worse Earners Of 2017 And Overview

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Hey all sorry that I took so long to get back to doing this post, I didn't mean to. The weekend got busy for me with various distractions. Here is my previous post "My Top 3 Online Earners For 2017 And Overview"

In this post, I wanted to share with you my 3 worse earners but I have something important to say before I tell you those sites. First off I want everyone to realize I am in no way putting down these websites I did not earn well on. I say this because it is in no way those websites fault that my earnings were small, it is, in fact, my fault. I truly believe to be successful online depends on the person and how much time they invest in doing what they do online. 

There are times though where websites do seem to slow down earning wise for a lot of us, we all have been there. So I guess in some ways the website could be at fault but not always. So here is my list of my 3 worse earners of 2017.

My 3 Worse Earners For 2017

1) TheForumWheel - $0.25 cents

I have nothing bad to say about TheForumWheel. This site has paid me more than once but due to me not logging in and checking the forums to post too it made it for my earnings never amounted to much. There was a point as well where there weren't very many forums to post to. I will admit I am picky as well with what I post too which isn't a good way to be either. I am sure if a person was posting to most of the forums listed, more extra cash could be made.

2) Zurb/Enroll - $1.94

This website is a lot like UsabilityHub, by this I mean you get paid a few cents for doing a usability test or sharing your opinion on a design concept. I really like Enroll but I hardly get emails from them for test  The other drawback is that money could sit in your account for a while, you need $1.00 + to get paid. The test are less than a minute though so when I get an email I always do them and once I have $1.00 in my account they just send it to my PayPal.

3) Qmee - $3.94

Qmee is new to my list I did not join until close to the end of 2017. I believe this one will be a higher earner for me if I do more surveys on the site. I like Qmee because it pays me for some of the searches I do, it is random though of course so not all searches earn anything. And like all surveys, not all are eligible. I want to note if you choose to sign up through my Qmee link we each get 50 cents, this is just an inventive to help inspire others to join me :).

Final Thoughts

Do you check your best and worse earners? I think it is important to keep track of this information it can be a great way to decide what sites you want to continue using. I know some may be thinking, why am I using such low earners? Well, patience is key when using these websites and understanding that you won't get rich, these truly are extra cash websites at their finest. Feel free to leave comments, I do write back! Happy earning!


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