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Do You Enjoy Trivia? Have Fun While Possibly Earning Extra Cash!

Hey everyone!

I wanted to do a fun and different post today so I decided t post about trivia games where you could earn some cash. Obviously, there is no guarantee of winning as it depends on questions, players and making it to the end to have a chance. So this is definitely on the scale of an extra to no cash earner. I have been trying 3 apps which I will be sharing today, but have not actually won on any yet and with so many people playing it isn't easy to win and the questions get harder as the game goes on.

SwagIQ (From Swagbucks)

The good news is this is available for Iphone and Android devices. To be able to play this live trivia game show you will need to download the app. You can find it here  from Google play store if you like feel free to use my referral code which is: LeeAnn25

The prize amount goes up as more people join so this might be a good time to try and get family and friends into Swagbucks. The game is held on weekdays and is live with an actual person hosting t…

February 2018 Online Earnings

February was a busy month for me so my earnings were not great but for 2018 this is my best month so far. January I made $53.12 and this month a total of $90.65 after conversions. I am happy with that amount because it has been a while since I made close to $100.00 online within a month. My earnings could have been much better of course but it did not work out that way. February seemed to be a lot of family time. Me and my boyfriend had a nice turkey dinner with my parents and had a couple dinners with his. Valentine's day doesn't matter to me much but we did go on a double date with his mom and dad to a nice little spot.

I also have applied to college and have been accepted! So needless to say I am quite a happy camper, I won't lie, I am. I feel like this is the time to do it. I will be taking office administration and the course offers a lot more than the college in Nova Scotia I was looking into so I am quite happy. I just need to make sure to have my $250.00 seat fee …