Do You Enjoy Trivia? Have Fun While Possibly Earning Extra Cash!

Hey everyone!

I wanted to do a fun and different post today so I decided t post about trivia games where you could earn some cash. Obviously, there is no guarantee of winning as it depends on questions, players and making it to the end to have a chance. So this is definitely on the scale of an extra to no cash earner. I have been trying 3 apps which I will be sharing today, but have not actually won on any yet and with so many people playing it isn't easy to win and the questions get harder as the game goes on.

SwagIQ (From Swagbucks)

The good news is this is available for Iphone and Android devices. To be able to play this live trivia game show you will need to download the app. You can find it here  from Google play store if you like feel free to use my referral code which is: LeeAnn25

The prize amount goes up as more people join so this might be a good time to try and get family and friends into Swagbucks. The game is held on weekdays and is live with an actual person hosting the trivia which is pretty cool.  I am going to give a list of Pros and Cons now for the SwagIQ app.


  • After downloading the app it shows the time of the next trivia in my timezone.
  • The trivia is live with a live chat function as well, I find this makes it fun.
  • If you get eliminated you can use some of your Swagbucks to re-enter and keep playing.
  • I have not seen questions repeated yet which is cool, keeps things fresh.
  • If you do get eliminated you can continue playing for small rewards for certain questions.
  • Free to play (It does not cost any SB to enter). 
  • If there are multiple winners the prize is split.
This picture is a bit old but as you can see the prize gets divided. If you are unsure of what 18,010SB means, it means these lucky Swagbuckers won $181. With the Swagbucks currency, you can get Paypal cash or gift cards for various stores.

Everyone can see the leaderboard in the app. I wanted to share this because as you can see some members have won a lot of SBs! But now let's look at the cons.

  • Although I do like the chat and host, the host sometimes talks a lot so it might be good to have audio on and pay attention, and the chat can be distracting.
  • The questions, in my opinion, are hard. The first few are easy but harder as you play on.
  • Upon being eliminated you can buy back in using your Swagbucks. Now, this is fine but the farther in the game you are the more expensive it can get to keep playing and you only get to do this once.
  • Do not leave the app if you are eliminated, after all, you can continue playing for small rewards on some questions. You need to stay to the end to hit "claim" otherwise you won't see those points.
  • You get 10 seconds to answer questions.  
So last night was bad, I got eliminated far in and had to use 51 Swagbucks to keep playing. Honestly, this is a tough choice because the questions are so random you don't know unless you play. I did manage to get 4SB back but in the end that still is 47 Swagbucks that I lost.


I actually do like this app because I am a huge fan of trivia. I am not good at it though since the questions are very random. It would be nice if they added a way to get lives, by watching a video ad or something. I think it also would be nice to not have the rejoin amount so high. In the chat, I see people sometimes angry and saying they won't rejoin. There also is an option to submit trivia which you can find in the app under the question mark. I was excited when I saw this but quickly got discouraged when I didn't see a way to make a few extra SB by submitting my own trivia questions. Okay fine, but maybe for the future it could be fun to add a small reward for people to come up with questions for the game and it may also get more people to sign up. Aside from that though I do find the app fun and look forward to playing it every evening.

HQ Trivia
This one really is free with no buying in to rejoin and I have yet to see ads. Like SwagIQ though this one is also tough to win on. The questions are hard too and the only way you can join is if you have a life which you only get from referrals. One cool thing though is that every day at 9pm EST there is a live trivia show and on weekdays you can play twice, at 3pm EST and 9pm EST. If you want to join you can here for Iphone and here for Android. And if you want to give me a free life then use my referral which is "WorkAtHomeGal"

Take a look at the recent leaderboard
Some people are doing quite well with it which is great. Myself I never make it to question 12 so I am at $0 still.


  • On weekdays you can play trivia twice!
  • Refer people to get lives a life can be used to stay in the game when you get a question wrong.
  • The app is free and the game is free to play.
  • It is live so there is a host and live chat which can be fun.
  • The prize is split among multiple players.
  • To get your extra life the new HQ user must sign up with your referral code and play their first game to be considered an extra life.
  • You can use life's twice per game but not on the very last question.
  • Once you have $20.00 in your account it can be sent to Paypal. 
  • You only get 10 seconds to pick an answer. 

I like that the game is entirely free. In a way, though this cannot be considered extra cash as the chances of winning are slim. As more people learn about the app more people join. I like the prize splitting idea though and paying to Paypal is also good.

GrindaBuck Trivia
I figured I would add this because I love trivia and try to play it every Tuesday at Grindabuck. This is a live game played in chat and there are 3 rounds starting at 6pm/7pm/8pm EST. The good news is all members of GrindaBuck can play this. Grindabuck also has introduced double points trivia which happens during "GrindaBuck Week" Grindabuck week is awesome not only is Tuesday trivia questions worth 50 points instead of 25 but if your account is level 2+ you can enter a code into the chat box to win some other free gabs. Gabs is Grindabucks currency which can be redeemed for gift cards and Paypal. You can join here.


  • The trivia is in the chat box so you type your response in, be fast and google the answer if unsure! :)
  • As far as I know, the trivia is not timed. 
  • Trivia has 3 rounds starting at 6/7/8pm EST. 10 questions per round so there is some time in between to do things.
  • It is free and there is no elimination or buy back in options. You just keep playing. However, during a round, if you get 3 questions correct you cannot continue until next round.
  • Make sure to sign up to GrindaBucks newsletter, I have seen trivia questions pop up in there with an answer before.
  • A fun way to get to know GrindaBuck and meet the members. :)
  • This trivia is not multiple choice like the other 2. You need to actually type the correct response in the chat box. And make sure spelling is okay (not jibberish). 
  • Whoever's response pops up first on the admins screen is the winner. So like the other apps, there is no prize splitting, just 1 winner per question.
  • The most you can win per round is 75 Gabs ($0.75 cents) on a regular game night. On Double points trivia 150 Gabs ($1.50).

I love GrindaBuck. Next, to Swagbucks it is my favorite reward website and it has always paid me with no issues. If you are not into trivia you can also earn from surveys, watching videos and doing offers. Trivia won't make you rich but sometimes the questions are not as hard as SwagIQ or TriviaHQ.


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