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March 2018 Online Earnings

March was not a good month for my online income. I spent a lot of time outside the home visiting family and again seeing family over Easter. I also spent a lot of time with my best friend and getting back into The Sims 3. Yes, I play The Sims 3 lol. I have nearly all the expansions actually, and I go through phases where I play it a lot and then get bored of it.

I also spent some of the month making lists of things I want to do. Most of those lists were nothing to do with online income. It as things such as working out more, making budgets tighter and so on. We also got a cat part way through March! He is an older fellow about 10 or 11 but such a sweetheart. He is quiet and loves to cuddle. Here is a picture for anyone interested.

He is a domestic short hair, black kitty. I just love black animals I don't know why I grew up often having a tomcat that was black I guess that is why. The girl we got the kitty from also took him to the vet and his weight was down again so I have been…