How can I learn about working from home and making money online?

I think these questions often get confused because to me making money from your PC is not a job so much, but a means to make extra cash, if you turn into a lot of cash, then great! Now you may be wondering "Do jobs exist?" Work from home jobs do exist!

Work from home is better known to some as "telecommute" basically means working outside of the traditional office, working from your home office. The most common telecommute jobs I have seen were call center related. And yes there are call center jobs and many more.

If you don't want something like that then you can still research other ways to earn money. I know people who have blogs and websites earning them money, other people do freelance work and some have their own online business.

At some point I do hope to place a list of possible work at home jobs for interested people to view. I know most people are going to prefer that over building a website.

As far as work at home jobs go, I use a trusted website like my local job bank to research and it does bring up legitimate jobs, and there are not many. The other option is google, problem with this option though is your going to get a lot of junk and it takes continuous research to get what you are looking for.

If your someone who wants to try and earn from surveys, building a website or trying PTC programs then I advise google and youtube for reviews. The best way of all though is going to forums with info on work at home. These forums have real people discussing how to work from home and answering questions to the newbies like us :)

Currently I am only using this forum mainly: Why Do Work    I really really love this forum. There is people on there that know the ropes and that can help you. So as a research starting point, I suggest going there! If you want to msg me on the forum my username is: WorkAtHomeGal.

In weeks to come I will hopefully have a list of websites ready on work at home jobs and a few other things. For a now though if you want to learn check out that forum and ask questions!

Happy Journey Surfing =)


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