Welcome To My True View On Making Money Online

I am new to the whole work at home, job at home, cash at home type of genre so to speak. I do know a bit about HTML, blogging, Adsense and social networks but not enough to say I am a guru, because I am not. I have done blogs in the past that didn't make it far so I hope this one will be the one to out due those other crum bum blogs!

First off though I want to introduce myself, my name is Lee-Ann and I am from Parrsboro Nova Scotia, living in Amherst now, a town slightly bigger then Parrsboro. I am 24 years old and basically struggle to find work, so a part of me wanted to turn to the Internet as my source of hopeful income. The only money I have ever received was back in 2005 from surveylion. Survey lion is a survey site for anyone interested. Survey lion sent me a check of $10.00 bucks for doing 1 survey. I eventually grew tired of surveys but that's ok, because I am back to try and make it all work again! The only other money is my adsense which only has $10.00 bucks or so, and I can't cash out yet, seeing as I need more money.

I'll be 100% upfront and honest here... The first blog I ever wrote was entirely on making money from home which honestly I knew little about. I am a very honest person, so really to this day I feel guilty for writing the blog which earned no cash anyways, other then adsense. My second blog was dedicated to World Of Warcraft, about gold farming, that blog got more views because of youtube and the fact I did try and sit down to make some videos. The other blogs did not last due to no motivation. I have another work from home blog somewhere, but I cannot remember the login so this will be the new blog. Although this is not about working from home. This is my journey to try and make some cash off of the Internet, which is a big thing now, as everyone seems to want a piece of the Internet cash pie.

Since I am not a guru I understand if you don't want to view this blog. However, if you are new like me or just admire my blog post then please continue reading. This isn't just about gaining readership, I would like to network with some interest folk online! Keep in mind this blog is about my experiences with trying to earn cash, keep in mind some personal post may pop up to.

Anyhow I think that is enough for this first post. I just wanted to introduce my blog and myself!

Happy Journey Surfing =)


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