What You Need To Know Before Joining Survey Websites

Some of you may have stumbled upon programs that might say "Make Money Taking Surveys At Home" Or "Earn $100.00 dollars An Hour..." First off I want to say chances are I highly doubt anyone is going to make a full time income doing surveys at home, but if someone wants to prove me wrong then I say bring it on! Making $100.00 an hour is a bit out there for my liking... There is so much people don't know when signing up to survey websites, its terrible really.

So let me list down what I have learned from joining survey websites.

Many moons ago I paid money to join a website that was advertising taking surveys as a job. I was young and thought it was true. The website has a listing of survey companies, that was great but because I was Canadian I couldn't sign up to 70% of them. I soon got frustrated because each website wanted me to fill out these long and boring profiles about myself, I thought "Pssh this is dumb" I filled out a few and saw small earnings like .50 cents for doing a survey - $3.00 dollars for a survey. That was fine and well. I continued searching these websites and they all had one thing incommon. Before you can receive your earnings you need to make a certain amount of money, some websites had a low amount of $10.00 dollars, others had amounts like $20.00 or more. The problem I had was I was getting very few surveys, so my balance was having trouble getting over $5.00 bucks.

Where I was new I was getting frustrated and I said goodbye to surveys for good. Now I came back to try and make some money off of this new blog by being 100% honest with my readers. The last thing I want to do is upset or offend anyone. But the truth might as well be out there. I am tired of seeing people be scammed out of money.

I am no guru when it comes to surveys, but I know enough about survey websites to know that most people are not going to ever be able to make a living off of them. I do advise people interested in sharing their opinion for a reward to do surveys though. Or someone who just has a general like in surveys.

Alright now we have to get into why I started this blog post. The pros and cons of joining survey websites...


  • You can earn small amounts of cash for doing surveys and be entered into sweepstakes or contest
  • If you enjoy surveys then this could be fun for you, especially if you just want to do it in your free time.
  • By signing up to more then one survey website, this sometimes can help you increase earnings.
  • To increase signups some survey websites will offer $5.00 dollars for signing up, which puts you a little bit closer to that payout.
  • Some survey websites offer referral programs. You can earn extra cash for referring others to the website.
  • If you don't care about earning money with these websites, some allow you to donate your earnings to charities :)
  • Survey websites can be boring sometimes, and some will even ask you to rate the survey and share feedback!
  • You cannot cash out whenever you want, your earnings need to meet the targeted threshold, which on some websites can take months to reach. So never EVER expect compensation the first week.
  • On most websites you need to fill out profiles. These profiles help give you a better chance at getting survey invitations. I have found some profiles to be annoying as it can take anywhere from 20 minutes or more just to fill these out, especially if you sign up to multiple survey websites.
  • There are times you will get a survey invitation and you may think great, but a few minutes in you may not qualify to take the survey. Although this is frustrating survey companies can only offer surveys to those who qualify, sometimes it takes a few starting questions until they see you cannot take the survey.
To me those are some true and honest pros and cons. I don't know anyone who has made a living from just doing surveys. I know people who do it in their spare time to earn some extra cash.

Below I am going to post 2 pictures from one of my survey accounts. One picture will show that that website pays you .10 cents or so to fill out your profiles, and also a picture of my current earnings. Now you may ask "What if these sites don't pay?" Quite frankly I don't know if these websites pay or not. Which is why I am signing up to them to try and reach the payment threshold, once I get that far I will be able to share payment proof with my readers.

First picture is of a website that pays you to complete your profiles:

The second picture is of my current balance with the same website:

That really is all I have to list about surveys at current. I will share a list or survey websites I am signed up to later in another post!

Happy Journey Surfing :)


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