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If you are a blogger or starting your own website by now you should know traffic is very important to get your website anywhere on the web. A lot of hard work is involved in getting traffic, and being lazy about it will just result in not many visits to your blog.

Actually I want to talk about google analytics. Google analytics is a great tool to see how many visitors are coming to your website. You can also see the traffic sources they are coming from.

This video will explain it better!

This is a great video from youtube from the google channel. It explains this great tool better then I can!

Here is a overview of my website traffic at current,

So you can see from this image that my traffic is very up and down. There is numerous reasons, I know one day my blog was on the front page of the search engine results but it has been kicked back since then, but I am ok with that for a now. It just more reason to start working on it harder. The days that the traffic is slumped is mostly weekday days, but also days I slacked off. And the last week has been busy for me, so I have not had as much time to do anything with this blog or anything traffic wise.

The next picture from my google analytics account is the keywords bringing visitors to my website.

My top keyword is Varolo scam. This blog is about work at home topics but my varolo keywords drive most of my keyword searching visitors. The blog does have information about Varolo but not all the information is Varolo based, my blog has various info.

I know some people don't give much thought to keywords, or perhaps don't want to be bothered to research them, but it is important to give some attention to them. Most of my traffic comes from referring websites, but I also get some from keywords too.

And lastly a picture of some of my traffic sources

You can see most of my traffic is referral traffic from websites like youtube,, hubpages, etc. Referral traffic is some of the easiest traffic to get (depending where it comes from) and the topic your blog/website is about.

Let's face it some topics are going to get more traffic then others. But you have to think of all the other people who have blogs they made for profit. Some people will get better results then others. To help yourself out with getting good results I would suggest using google analytics or statcounter for traffic.


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