Reasons Why Some People Can't Work From Home

Work from home jobs and opportunities are not for everyone. For some working at home can be lonely and they can miss having co workers. For others the peace of being away from work place drama is enough reason for them.

There are a lot of pros and cons that come with working from home, but the biggest and most important decision is knowing if you can or not. I don't mean being home office ready, I mean willing to work independently, on your own, no office.

The work from home environment is a lot different compared to working in an office, store or wherever it is you are working. So below is a few reasons why some people can't work from home.

Social Butterfly – Are you one of those people that need daily contact with others? You need a lunch break with friends, a coffee chat. When you work at home you will be in your home working so the chances of getting much social action is slim, unless you have someone at home you can talk to. For some people this is not enough though. They want to go to work to get out of the house, with working at home your stuck in the same spot.

No Quiet Work Area – Let's say you live in a 1 bedroom apartment with your spouse and you are on different work schedules, this could put a conflict into when you need to work. You can't have a TV blaring in the back ground if you are a work at home customer service rep, it needs to be quiet and seem as much like your in a call center as possible. Anything to throw the environment off guard could open up a lot of unnecessary questions from your customer.

Easily Distracted – Distractions is a big problem when we are trying to get work done. Even in the office there could be distractions. I am sure you have heard employers say to leave home problems at the door and not bring them to work. So what happens if your at home under a lot of stress and end up working at home with that stress? That can be difficult. You just need to treat it as if you were working in an office.

Distractions can be a huge problem if you fall behind in work. As much as no one wants to hear this, leave your instant messenger services offline and try to stay away from addicting websites like facebook. Now if you work for yourself these might be ok, but its not always ok when there is work to get done.

Don't let this get you down though, decide if working from home is for you, then go from there.


  1. Hi Lee-Ann,
    Great update. Creating an online business from home especially in the beginning can become lonely and isolating. When I first started I realized this is was happening to me. I spent endless hours alone BUT I truly enjoyed trying to figure out how I was going to finally earn significant money online. It's my calling for sure.

    As time went on I still enjoyed going to work and looked forward to the days I can spend alone to work on growing my Internet Business. I accepted doing a little work each day or every few days put in a ten hour day in front of the computer worked for me.

    I still work and probably will have to for a while longer but I now work part-time at a job and work part-time growing my Internet Business.

    My goal for the very near future is to start a class where I can teach what I do online to others who want to learn. I want my passion and calling to become my sole income and each week I see myself getting a little bit closer to my goal.

    Love the update and will continue to read your updates.

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for the comment. I understand the feeling, personally I don't mind keeping to myself so I really enjoy it. But there are lonely days too.

    I worked at a corner store part time while doing my blogs. I liked going to the job but I didn't like the drama that happened there, and at least with working from home there shouldn't be any reason fro drama. I have put in 10 hour nights too at my computer, sometimes more to get the work done!

    I don't have a set date as to when I can stop working, I am currently unemployed right now so I am trying to take all the time I have to place into writing articles and blogging.

    By reading your articles and blogs I can see that you are working very hard to accomplish your dream and there are very view people who seem to actually work hard so to speak, they give up...

    Its nice to know you want this to be your sole income, I believe you can make it happen and I wish you all the luck in the world :)

    Thanks for the response, I will be reading your blogs off and on to :)


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