Top 5 Successful Habits Of An Internet Marketer

Have you wondered if you have what it takes to work from home? It is important to be successful in what you do, so here is the top 5 successful habits of Internet marketers!

1) Organization - Without being organized it can cause a big mess sometimes. And the last thing anyone needs is to many messes getting in the way of a big task. If you have trouble keeping organized then buy a whiteboard or use sticky notes to keep up with reminders, write action plans if you have to.

2) Time Management - Time management is important in regards to keeping things on schedule and getting done effectively. In a day you should work and play not just work. So always keep that in mind when starting out online. Don't work yourself in the ground, just make sure you have work priorities in order.

3) Daily Task - This goes with time management. Sometimes there is way to much to do, but it can't be done in one day, so what do you do? I make a list, i sit down and I write a list of what needs to be done and mark stars by the most important and complete each task in that order. Task sheets are not always of importance but when I got to much on the go it is a great way to keep track of what needs to be done.

4) Brainstorm + Research Sessions - If you start getting dry on ideas, find a quiet spot and brainstorm. Just sit and think of your niche and anything that comes to mind can be copied down, it doesn't matter if it sounds silly! If brainstorming is not your cup of tea then use forums in your niche or even google and research that way, find interesting topics to write about!

5) Taking A Day Off - The worse thing you can is become overwhelmed or stressed by trying to get your business off the ground. Do your self a favour and take 2 days off, one at least! Give your self some time to rest and relax before going back into work. I have had days where I would do 10 hours each day and then end up taking a week off because I felt like I had run myself into the ground with promoting and getting content on my pages. I try to work only 8 hours or less now unless I am really enjoying it then I keep working at it. You must think of your family and friends to though, its not good to be stuck inside all the time after all.

As you can see it doesn't take a huge amount of effort to be successful with your work habits, its about dedication and making sure you get the rest you need but lots of work done in the meantime.

Happy Journey Surfing!


  1. Great blog and bookmarked it so I can visit to watch it grow. Love it and when I have more time next week I will be checking out your banners and links. I'm a Hubber too.
    Correct one typo in your About Me. You write I'm an east going. You mean easy going. This blogs topics is so good it deserves to be perfect. Have a great day.

    1. A very nice informational blog. Keep on making such important blog post. Your work is really being appreciated by someone.

  2. Thank you so much for the comment. Getting comments like this makes me want to try and work even harder! I did see you on hubpages I beleive, I'll be checking out your sites and some of your hubs soon :)

    Ah thanks, Im will go correct that, I never noticed until now, lol!

    Again thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it :)


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