Updates On Surveys

I posted a video about surveys and what people should know before signing up. I also wanted to talk about my earning update though.

Check out my video if interested, its informative for anyone wishing to start taking surveys online as a way to earn extra cash.

I have not got paid yet from the survey websites that I am using, but I have not met the payment threshold in either. I just want to show my stats for people to see.

This is a picture from my survey head account:

You can see my rewards at current. I still need to make $17.99 before I can cash out. I would of had over that had I qualified for more surveys, and I signed in to late and missed my chance on a couple of them!

This picture is from my Web Perspectives account:

I currently have 650 points, I believe you need 1,000 to cash out. Once my pending credits go through I should have more then enough! Which is good because if these websites work out I plan on posting my payment proof information. But until then I have to wait :)


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