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Update To Readers

I want everyone to know I took a bit of a break. I stopped posting to this blog shortly after starting my new job at a hotel. Around that time a lot was going on money wise and life wise so the motivation was not there. My family dog was put down in October which was another rough event to deal with.

I am still blogging just probably won't be updating this blog anytime soon. If you are interested these are the blogs I have been working on.

Affordable Christmas Gift And Decoration Ideas

Valentines Day Fun

I am most proud of my Christmas gift blog, which is old but I started posting to it more and even have a series about reusing old Christmas cards.

So feel free to view those blogs and comment if you wish :)
I will post to this blog again sometime just not anytime soon.

Web Perspectives Is Legit

This is a quick post to let everyone know I had reached enough points to redeem $10.00 from Web Perspectives, I had 2 so $20 in total.

So you can see from the picture above that I did get the money in my paypal and Monday I got the money showing up in my bank account.  So I am excited about it because I never had luck with survey websites! And I did tell everyone I would post payment, so here it is. :)