My First $4.00 Day With Adsense

I am writing today to inform my readers that yesterday was my first big earning day with adsense. I hope this means more good days to come. I earned $4.38 to be exact. I am quite pumped about it.

I have been using adsense for about 2 years and have not met the target area for payment yet but I am hoping by Christmas 2012 I will get my first adsense check. Keep in mind I had months of not blogging or writing articles so that always declines things.

I have read though that some people have taken a very long time until they started earning with adsense. It takes time and effort, work hard and you will see success.

Now I want to introduce a book by Lisa Irby called: Untold Adsense Facts, Get The PDF Book Here
This is an excellent ebook, 27 pages in length and I suggest new and even seasoned bloggers to read this if you have adsense or are thinking of signing up.


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