Swag Bucks, Something Different

I heard a lot of people talking about Swag bucks but didn't know to much about it. So I signed up wanting to see what it is exactly. You do things that earn you swag bucks which are used towards prizes.

I was on the website for an hour and earned 42 swag bucks. In that time all I did was sign up, upload my picture, did a poll, downloaded the swag bucks bar, did a search using the bar and watched Swag bucks TV.

Now I am a bit disappointed after watching probably 5-6 different videos I only earned 3 swag bucks. I think a random amount is generated so I can't complain. I tried the games which are free, they were fun but you are only awarded swag bucks periodically.

What can I do with Swag bucks?

Swag bucks can be used in the Swag Store. I browsed and noticed gift cards, trading cards, Posters, MP3 Tracks, DVDs, Jewelry, coffee makers and so much more.

Now like most sites that offer prizes you need a lot of Swag bucks in order to get a prize. They do offer Paypal cash.

Swag Bucks needed for Paypal Cash:
700 SB - $5.00
1,335 SB - $10.00
3,215 SB - $25.00
6,330 SB - $50.00
12,549 SB - $100.00

So you can see just for me to get 5 dollars deposited into my paypal account I need 700 Swag bucks. Today I was only able to earn 50 swag bucks so far, but it is my first day. I am not sure if I will keep up with it much. But it seems fun enough.

Join Swag bucks here


  1. NeoBux is the best work from home website.

    1. I never did well with NeoBux but if it is working for you, that is cool!


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