55 Swagbucks Away From A $5 Amazon Gift Card

I'll be honest, I get discouraged easily when it feels like it is taking long to get a reward, however I did slack off for a week there and never bothered coming to the website.

Originally I wanted to get a $5.00 Paypal card, but it cost 700 SB (Swag Bucks) Seeing that an Amazon card is much less, I think I'll be doing that. I do have some things I want to order from the website so when I earn enough points I can get my amazon card to go towards those purchases.

May as well save money somehow right? And it is easy. Everyday I easily can get swag bucks by doing the daily poll, sometimes a survey and the search bar. Playing games and watching videos is another way to earn with Swag Bucks.

Come On Over And Earn Some Swagbucks


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