Blogging For Fun VS Blogging For Money

The first blog I made was made for the purpose of trying to make money, and some fun but not much. I focused to hard on the money aspect that I lost the joy of making a blog. Sad but true... Later down the road I made the decision to use adsense and some affiliate links with no expection of making any money from this. I wanted to focus on content and traffic.

Easier said then done, there is a lot of work involved in writing your own blog post and generating traffic. This is a big reason why you should make sure to blog about stuff you like and know about. My main blog is about World of Warcraft its a blog about making gold in the game. I have large traffic burst and then the traffic will die down. This is because of lack of driving traffic to the blog.

Now if you are doing your blog strictly as fun and don't give a hoot about money opportunities then chances are you won't care about driving traffic much either. I guess it depends though.

I think some of the pros for blogging for fun is that in some cases you are not looking to impress someone, and don't care about money so your doing it as free will. If you transition into trying to make some money this can become stressful, so don't quit your day job. If someone told you, instant riches were waiting they lied.

A good blog is not just the content or traffic techniques. But also the blog itself. What is the blogging topic? Is it popular? Do you offer your readers anything? What do you do to make your blog *special* and stand out from the rest. That is what a good blog is about. It doesn't mean you need fancy lettering, just give the people what they want. Reviews, advice and support, all target searches done on the Internet daily.

Blogging for money can be stressful but like I said don't quit your day job. There are people making a living from blogging but it takes a great amount of work to get there!


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