My Thoughts On Using Your Forum Signature To Get Traffic

Can I get traffic by putting a link to my website in my signature?

Yes, you can. But you need to post to the forum with good post not crap post like "wow thanks for the tip" There is nothing wrong with that sometimes, but its better to add to the post, ask a question, offer advice.

You should try and make a name for yourself on a forum, if you are offering good advice than chances are someone will click on your link to see what you do on your blog or website.

Do not underestimate the power of this free way to gain traffic.

Can I post a link to my website in the post I make?

No! That usually is marked as a spam post. Some websites allow links to other websites if it is useful to the post itself. But normally this is a no-no and classified as self promotion. This is what the signature is for, put the website there. That way every post you make will show your signature and you won't be breaking rules.

You can use google analytics for free to track where your traffic is coming from as well. Either way don't dismiss this great way at getting traffic. Just don't advertise yourself either though or doing anything spam like.


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