Why Is Finding Work At Home Jobs So Hard?

To give a detailed answer that makes sense I want to first explain that the problem could be how you are searching for work at home jobs. If you go to google and type in "Work At Home" you will get: 5,300,000,000 results at current. Out of all those results you can bet that some websites are garbage just trying to sell you something and others lieing and trying to offer you something other than a job...

Of course there are ways to get around the garbage and find jobs a bit easier. Here is a list of websites I enjoy viewing jobs on:


That is just some of many, many websites. A lot of forums also may list work at home jobs, so be sure to check those out too.

It takes finding the right websites to find the information that you need. One way you can benefit your search even better is by joining work at home forums and research that way. If you are really stuck just ask a question on the forums. People are always willing to help and provide answers.

You can also take a look at the keywords you are using. Do not just search "Work At Home" try some of these keywords as well:

Telecommute Job
how to search for work at home jobs

There are other keywords to but these should get your search going. Make sure you read the job post carefully before applying. And if it ask for money then it probably is not a real job. A real job would never ask you for a signup fee.

By following these few tips hopefully it helps new marketers find work at home jobs a bit easier.


  1. To stay motivated about working from home online may be difficult at times, but it is an essential key to your home business success that you are able to keep working through tough times and get the work done. Sometimes we just don't feel like doing anything and other times there are too many distractions such as phone calls, family and even friends.

    Work from home online

    1. Great response. This is true sometimes I will set out to do something and next thing I know the phone is ringing off the hook or I have to go to my offline job. I am hoping within the next few years to fully work from home! It is such a long process and my lack of presence online def is not helping.

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    1. Sounds interesting, not sure if that is for me though.

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