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Bubblews Update!

Hi everyone, I am sorry for not posting in so long. I have had a lot of stuff going on at my offline job and then doing various online things to try and make extra money online. Since I wrote about bubblews previously I figured it was time for an update.

Here is a picture of one of my paypal accounts that I use for bubblews:

Because of inactivity at points my earnings are quite low honestly. There are people on bubblews making over $100 dollars a month, some even more than that!

So far I made $152.92 on bubblews, and currently should have another $25.00 coming through but it hasn't been 73 hours yet (This is how long it takes for bubblews support to start processing your payment). I also never received my 4th redemption from bubblews. So I would of earned more but have not got that 4th redeem. I am not happy about it which made me not post for a while but then I came back.
One thing I do not understand about this site is tons of people get their payments but other people don't…

What Is Bubblews?

I had someone comment on one of my post and thought it might be a good time to talk about Bubblews more and what the website is about. Bubblews is a place with free expression so to speak. You can write about a lot of topics on this website.

You can place pictures in your post as well. The website does have issues though, sometimes slow loading or being down for maintenance.They will not pay people for copying someone else's work and if a picture is not yours make sure to link where the picture came from.

Most my writings on the website are personal so to speak about me and my life but I also write about stuff I do online to make money. You are paid based on every view, like, dislike and comment you receive I think you also get paid if someone shares your article through media like facebook, twitter, etc.

This website is revenue share so remember that, it means the pay is not so good. However I did get paid $25 and just clicked for another $25. In order to be paid you need at leas…

July Payments

July has been a very good month for me in regards to extra cash I have made online. I will be posting a picture below from my 2 paypal accounts. So far I must say Bubblews is a very positive experience for me. I just clicked on for my 2nd payment from the website which should clear in my paypal July 7/30/2013 - 8/1/2013

I know its not a bunch of money but $60 is enough to pay my half of my Internet bill, buy some food or even go out to dinner somewhere. I will be saving it but I am still very happy. So I can proudly say Bubblews does pay! Which is good to know. I will try and make a post later today about bubblews and how to get started.

Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by! :)

Reached Payout On Bubblews!

Good evening everyone. I can happily say I have at least reached payout on bubblews. I talked about it before in a post letting people know it was a revenue share type website. Within 72 hours I should start the process of actually getting my $25.00 delivered to my paypal account.

The website has been a lot of fun although it took me close to a month to earn the money. However I need to start putting more effort into this website! The picture above I posted a copyright sign on it with my other username "NSCountryGa" It should be Gal but misspelled during signup! If you want to see some stuff I posted feel free to check it out!

Checkout My Bubblews Writings

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More Payouts

So my program I have running on my computer was acting funny today, it won't connect for some reason. I am worried it won't work now or something so I requested payout. As soon as I requested my payout, $13.67 was sent to my Payza. I feel foolish now, I don't have Payza connected to my bank account so I need to wait for that to happen before getting my money but that is ok, I can wait. Picture below of payment to payza: I am not sure what all I posted for payments last so here is more payments... So you will see I got a payment from The Bux, 2 from my other paypal one of them is for Slice The Pie but not sure of the other... 2 payments from IDictate and MIneFreeLabs or (MineCoins) and shockingly Yovia though I did not need to request it, it just showed up. Its not much money but I am happy with each bit I make, it all helps after all. Even though I lost a lot of motivation I am happy to announce I am up to $20.05 with bubblews! I am $4.95 away from being able to red…

Paid Viewpoint Traitscore Hit 10,000 Today!

Well I am happy to announce that I at last after what felt like many months of doing small surveys I have reached 10,000 traitscore with Paid Viewpoint.

With this traitscore it is said you will get higher rewards, which is what I really want! I still have a ways to go though I need $9.45 until I can cashout. Once I do I will be posting about it, :).

This is what came up after I finished my survey tonight. I've heard good things about this website. This video sums it up good, check it out:

If interested feel free to signup! Signup Here!

Earn Shared Revenue On Bubblews

I discovered this website on a blog I read and wanted to join when I saw the advantages of what you can write about. I joined Bubblews, June 10th 2013. I posted 1 article and then was MIA for quite some time. The entire time I was MIA I thought my username was "NSCountryGal" Come to find out I left the L off so its actually "NSCountryGa". So I started posting again June 23rd 2013. The 12 days I did not post anything my only article earned me $1.08. So right away I knew I had to get on this website and write more. I was able to earn $4.86 over the last 5 days. 

Now Bubblews doesn't pay you upfront or a flate fee this is is based on revenue share. You get paid for every view, comment, like/dislike, and social media shares that your article gets. So even if the article is just sitting there as long as people keep viewing it, you will earn some income.

I have made a lot of connections with people of the website so every time they post I read their post and either lik…

Work At Home Goals

When you think about working at home, do you set goals? What do you want to accomplish? Tons of people say they want to work at home but don't follow through for personal reasons or frankly just giving up... How does one recover from the loss of feeling they failed? I think we have all been down that road.

Every time I have begin a new journey making money online it ended bad usually.. It is easy to get discouraged when some of the things you do offers low pay compared to high. Make yourself a clear goal such as "I want a work at home job", "I want a work at home business", "I want to be an nonindependent contractor"

A lot of people don't realize some work at home jobs are low paying and do not TAKE off your taxes which in return will make you a an nonindependent contractor. Most sites explain this though before you sign up. Some work at home jobs actually pay you an hourly rage with benefits.

Be sure to check websites and do research i…

Interesting Way To Make Some Money Online

I heard about Digital Generation before but didn't bother visiting the website until recently. You can signup for a free account and download their software which runs on your PC. If I understand correctly the software measures core performance coming from your computer. All you do is signup then download and let the software run.

They advertise that you can earn $1.00 a day, I think you need to let your computer run 24/7 though, which I did not do. My earnings at current are $2.74.

Here is a  picture from earlier today to show you how it looks:

On the website you can also purchase threads... 1 thread is free and earns a dollar a day while the rest can increase your earnings. I am not sure how I feel about doing that though. I just want to test the software and see if I get paid.

At current they pay you through Paxum, Prefect Money and Payza.

The software has not hurt my computer or caused any viruses as far as I can tell. It doesn't slow it down either so it seems worth doin…

Tellwut Survey Panel Review

I was browsing one of my favorite WAH websites and came across Tellwut the other day. This website looked interesting so I wanted to check it out.

The bad news is that this website doesn't pay in paypal money, instead gift cards. I have nothing against gift cards as long as its to something of interest to me. At current this is what they offer:

$10 Gift Card - Points: 4,000 (US Only)
$10 Future Shop Gift Card - Points: 4,000 (Canada Only)
$10 Best Buy Canada Gift Card - Points: 4,000 (Canada Only)
$10 Cineplex Gift Card - Points 4,200 (Canada Only)
$10 Barnes & Noble Gift Card - Points 4,200 (US and Canada)
$10 Home Depot Gift Card - Points: 4,500 (US Only)
$10 Tango Card - Points: 4,500 (US Only)
$15 Gift Card (Canada Only) - Pints: 6,000 (Canada Only)
$25 Gift Card - Points: 10,000 (US Only)
$25 Walmart Gift Card - Points: 10,000 (US and Canada)
Tellwut T-Shirt XL - Points: 15,000
$50 Gift Card - Points: 20,000 (US Only)
$50 Winners Gift Card -…

Updates On The PTC websites I Have Joined

I am going to run down and do an update on each site I joined and let you all know how that is going.

Hits4Pay - I believe in my Hits4Pay video I mention joining their affiliate builder program. It says I have had 2 referral signups, yet they do not show for me as referrals and my earnings have not increased. I opened a support ticket with Hits4Pay to find out how all that works. I could just be in the wrong but when paying the $5.99 to use this program I was under the impression if they signed up under my link it would be a referral to me. Once I hear more I will update.

The site is a slow earner so I am only at $6.30 but getting there.

NeoBux - This is the website I invested $10.00 dollars in on rented referrals. I have 4 days and then these referrals are done. My earnings are up to $9.81. Which is good but a bit disappointing. However I discussed PTC issues with another user. Below is some of what we talked about.
"Do you think most people make their money from rented referrals…

When Did I Start Making Money Online?

I may of already mentioned this on my blog but will mention it again. Around late 2008-2009 I had started seeing advertisements for work at home jobs posting ads. I was a complete newbie and Internet cautious but seeing the payment proof pictures and seeing the big houses and nice cars made me think "I could do this"

At this point I already had my first Visa with my local bank and had a job but wanted to learn more. I wasn't thinking to much about the fact some websites were asking for one time payments of $49.99 or whatever it may of been at the time. A lot of disappointment came with buying these programs. The only one I don't regret buying is Profit Lance because it did actually show me how to make a blog and traffic techniques. I am embarrassed but if I think about it, I probably have spent at least $500 dollars on programs and membership websites to learn about making money online. The first site I ever paid for turned out to actually be a website that just show…

Make Money With MintCoins Phone App

Aside from earning money online we can now start earning using our phone apps. You can find apps to save money on shopping, paid to task apps or apps like MintCoins.

What is MintCoins?

The app is free to install just a FYI. Basically you get paid to complete offers. My favourite would be downloading a free app and starting it up. I always delete the app afterwards if I don't like it. You can also complete surveys.

The above picture is an example of what you can do to earn money. The points is the same as cents really. 4 cents for downloading a game and opening may not seem like much but it can add up fast!

How Am I Payed?

You just need $1.00 to cash out! Which will be sent to your paypal.

As you can it is fairly simple. I am able to cashout today and plan on doing so to get that extra money in my paypal.

Make More By Inviting People!

It may take some time on your own reaching the payout. If there is enough stuff ready on the app you could reach it in one day. There always is more mon…

Renting Referrals

To try and make more with 2 PTC websites I joined I have decided to invest $20.00 dollars. It works out to spending $10.00 on each website to rent 50 referrals. I am hoping I make my money back plus some extras.


April 23 is when I got my rented referrals from Neobux. Take a look at the picture below of my current stats.

It is not a huge change but $4.56 is better then the 12 cents I had earned. I invested $10 bucks and get these referrals for a month. It seems slow earning but I think I will make over my money back which is my main goal to test it and see how it goes.

The Bux

Today I spent $10.00 dollars on 50 referrals for The Bux website. So far this I have found is quicker to earn from my own clicks. So these are my current stats

Now I do not have a picture to show for referral clicks but when I do I will share that too. Of course each website gives other sources to earn money but I mostly stick with the grid game, viewing ads and trying to get signups. I will have another post…

New video about Hits4Pay

Feel free to check out my video just posted to youtube about Hits4Pay!

Signup here

My Favourite PTC Website

Most PTC websites pay you 1-2 cents per ad you view while others pay half a penny or "0.001" for example. Most people I know who make money on these websites build their down line and make their money using the down line.

I have joined a few sites, the earning is slow but I am at least earning. I have o say, so far though Hits4Pay is my favourite. I got a $5.00 signup bonus and looked at 12 ads which made me .24 cents, 2 cents per add. Better than nothing!

If I clicked everyday for a month, viewing that amount that would be $7.20. Think of how much more with referrals clicking to!

Stay tuned for future post as I try to build my down line.

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Make Extra Cash At Home (Experiment)

Hello everyone, hope you all are fine and dandy today. I have been trying to find other ways to start earning more extra cash from my home computer. I do work a full time job but I need more money due to life events happening at this time. Now that I lost Web Perspectives for the time being, I am on the hunt for more ways to make money.

Today's post is going to be about PTC/offer type websites. I have done PTC websites in the past and got discouraged, I never gave them a sure shot though and I know there are people out there making some money with these websites.

I have never been a member of FusionCash so I joined this website since it had a $5.00 signup bonus. While on the website I noticed they have surveys you can do. I completed my profiles and earned .50 cents from that. I browsed the website a bit and it appears for the most part you can do offers to make money some are free and others require a credit card. I never have been a fan of offers in the past but will try it agai…

Web Perspectives Update

So after waiting for probably a month or more, Web Perspectives finally emailed me back. I emailed them in regards to the paypal payment option being removed. I won't post the email but here is the most important part:

"Since March 15th Paypal has been removed until further notice whilst we look to improve the way in which our panellists redeem rewards."

The email does not tell me when or if paypal will be put back onto the website. Sadly I won't be doing any surveys for the next bit with this company because I have no interest in their other reward options. For anyone else going through the same hope this post helps.

What Happened To Web Perspectives?

Web Perspectives was my favorite survey site. Once you hit 1,000 points you can choose a reward. I always chose paypal which met I got $10 bucks. Recently after logging in I had seen I could claim my reward. You click that option to request payout.

Well this is what I saw upon doing that:

I do not like sounding picky but none of those options interest me. I just want the money because I actually do transfer that money to my bank account to use. I even went as far as emailing Web Perspectives to ask them what happened to the Paypal option and I never got a response. I may email them again, keep in mind this was nearly a month ago.

Needless to say I am disappointed. For whatever reason you cannot transfer to paypal and they do not tell you why it was even removed. Due to lack of communication I have stopped doing surveys for this website. I am hoping my complaint is resolved before continuing. I am sharing this because the times I post about this website I made it very clear in those po…

Payouts Feb 1st 2013

I have been a member of Scribie for a long time, I hardly do much on the website because I either don't have the time or just lose interest. The pay is low but I won't be to harsh because this website has taught me a lot in regards to transcription and how the audio quality can sound.

The website does note that withdrawals less than $30.00 are charged a 2% fee. While withdrawals of $30 or more are free. It took me sometime to get my earnings up with this site but I have decided to withdrawal my earnings to make sure I am paid. I am sure I will be, but just in case.

So you can see my earnings were $8.92, 5 cents of that is referral earnings. So they took off .18 cents to send that payment. I guess that kind of sucks but its only .18 cents. I would not of deducted it early but I need to make sure they are going to pay me before I continue transcribing for the company.

I also have requested my 2nd payout from Slice The Pie. I love Slice The Pie. And I got my payment in one day!


Surprises After Checking Paypal...

Most of the websites I have earned small amounts of money from were the type of sites where you had to send the request for money. I looked in just to check on Paypal and was happy to see Pollbuzzer sent me $1.00 and iDictate/Quicktate sent me .44 cents. I am surprised that Quicktate didn't make me wait until I had more money but hey no point in complaining that is 1.44 I didn't have.

Here is a snapshot of those earnings =)

I will go over what pollbuzzer and idictate/quicktate are. Pollbuzzer is fun but I find there are not many surveys or questions. For ever question you answer you earn a dollar. I do like I didn't have to withdraw my $1.00 and they just sent it, that is swell.

If it sounds interesting, Sign Up Here!
Use a valid email, you will be sent invites for the questions to the signup email address :)

I think Quicktate is a good website for people just starting transcription the files are not long. I know my first payment was only .44 cents but the work comes and g…

More Payment Proof

A couple of things I do reached payout level a while back and I had the screenshot ready but seemed to forget to do the post so I am doing it now! Alright so I was doing Slice The Pie for some time and first and only payout with them so far reached $16.00. I know it might not seem like much but it is money, it helps.

So you can see by the picture above I got 16.00 from Slice The Pie on November 19th 2012.

And lastly Web Perspectives, which is a survey company. I was able to get a $20.00 payout from them.

Again not a lot of money but that is extra cash right there. $36.00 bucks. Of course that just went towards helping with Christmas but it works.

Promoted on Humanatic!

I have been off and on signing into Humanatic now to build up a small cash pile. Because of a bonus my earnings are now $5.38.

I got a surprise email today saying I have been promoted. So now I will be listening to Inventory Discussion and (Reason Not Connected) calls. Should be interesting.

I have not got a payout from Humanatic but I am working on it. It is an ok site for sure. Can't quit your day job but can make a few extra cents that add up. I am figuring if your super good at it and get daily bonuses then the website is probably worth doing.

I check the leaderboard on the website from time to time, a frequent person i see is 'Renesmee" who today has earned $28.75 so far. My earnings do not come close to people on the leaderboard. I do have an offline job though that is full time so that is probably why, well that and my still learning stage.

The above video will explain in better detail what Humanatic is about!

This is a very good post about it so I encourage you to see …