Make Extra Cash At Home (Experiment)

Hello everyone, hope you all are fine and dandy today. I have been trying to find other ways to start earning more extra cash from my home computer. I do work a full time job but I need more money due to life events happening at this time. Now that I lost Web Perspectives for the time being, I am on the hunt for more ways to make money.

Today's post is going to be about PTC/offer type websites. I have done PTC websites in the past and got discouraged, I never gave them a sure shot though and I know there are people out there making some money with these websites.

I have never been a member of FusionCash so I joined this website since it had a $5.00 signup bonus. While on the website I noticed they have surveys you can do. I completed my profiles and earned .50 cents from that. I browsed the website a bit and it appears for the most part you can do offers to make money some are free and others require a credit card. I never have been a fan of offers in the past but will try it again.

If you think you might like FusionCash, please signup below :)

FusionCash Signup

The next website is ClixSense. You probably may have heard of this one before. This website looks like you simply just click to view websites and make some pennies for doing it. They do offer some other things to make money though.

They have a game called ClixGrid. You choose a square on the grid, it opens an site for you to view, afterwards you may win $5.00 dollars or win nothing. I still have 23 turns to take on the grid to try and win 5 bucks. I am not sure if you get 25 clicks per day on the grid or if this is a one time thing, once I know I will post about it though.

If you used websites like MTurk. Clixsense also has a section to do task for a few cents. I have not done this section yet but for anyone with experience in this I am sure its an easy way to build up some extra change.

And lastly an "Offers" section. In this section you can join websites, do surveys, shopping or trials. Some may require a credit card, but this is also another way to earn some money. And of course both websites do have the option to have referrals signup under you. The more active referrals will be another great way to earn money with these websites.

ClixSense Signup Page!

 I am going to try and do task on these websites everyday to see where it goes. I don't expect to earn much and probably not many referrals but its worth a shot, right?

I will post some more about these websites later once I get more familiar! Hope you have a nice day and thanks for stopping by.


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