What Happened To Web Perspectives?

Web Perspectives was my favorite survey site. Once you hit 1,000 points you can choose a reward. I always chose paypal which met I got $10 bucks. Recently after logging in I had seen I could claim my reward. You click that option to request payout.

Well this is what I saw upon doing that:

I do not like sounding picky but none of those options interest me. I just want the money because I actually do transfer that money to my bank account to use. I even went as far as emailing Web Perspectives to ask them what happened to the Paypal option and I never got a response. I may email them again, keep in mind this was nearly a month ago.

Needless to say I am disappointed. For whatever reason you cannot transfer to paypal and they do not tell you why it was even removed. Due to lack of communication I have stopped doing surveys for this website. I am hoping my complaint is resolved before continuing. I am sharing this because the times I post about this website I made it very clear in those post Paypal is an option but as of a month or more ago it no longer seems to be.


  1. Yeah. I'm having the same problem with Web Perspectives. I've been doing their surveys for 3 years and although their credits sit in pending limbo for a long time (like their paypal transactions), they eventually get through.

    And then paypal just disappears from their site without a word to anyone. I too have stopped doing their surveys. What a bummer. The money was good.

    Come to think of it, I never even got my last 10 dollars that I redeemed in February and I have 1,900 points sitting like dead fart in my account.

    My goodness. Now it feels like it was all just a waste of time.

  2. I emailed them as well about the same thing and also recieved no response. =( I won't be doing anymore surveys unless it changes back.

  3. I am sorry that you both went through that. Very annoying for sure! They should openly communicate about what happened and why its gone. Good news though I got a email back from them! I will make a new post for everyone can read it.

  4. check the site and go to the reward option again
    they have a post specifically posted about paypal on the rewards page

    1. Thank you for pointing that out. I don't recall that being there when it first was taken down. I am glad they posted about it though, clears up confusion.

  5. I considered webperspectives to be one of the best survey sites in regard to rewards up until now.

    I simply refuse to complete any more surveys until they reinstate PayPal as a payout option (or even if they can mail a cheque).

    Survey sites that don't pay cash are a waste of time and effort.

    1. I hear what you are saying. They may bring it back at some point so I will participate then. For me I need the actual cash. I don't mind doing short surveys to go to something other than paypal but theirs are usually long so I prefer the paypal option.

  6. I completed a very long survey for them that was worth 500 points. I never received the points and several emails to them went unanswered. I eventually got 10, yes 10 responses that were all identical that indicated that the points would be posted once the survey closed. However, every other survey I have completed has always been posted immediately. I am going to wait another 3 weeks and then contact Jennifer White again and request a "real" answer, not one of their "standard responses" that they send for every question. I also used to select the PayPal option but I understand why they are offering it at this time but they definitely should have let all survey participants know about this before removing the option.

    If they read these comments, they should really look at how they treat the people that keep them in business with their clients.

  7. Hi Atlanta, wow that is not cool. I have had some surveys take long to close too, waited over a month one I think for one that just worth 300 points :/. Yeah they should of let us know they were removing it. I don't know if I want to take surveys right now and build up the points, especially if they don't put the option back anytime soon.

  8. Have occasionally done surveys for them but they repeatedly rip you off. Once you complete a survey, you get "pending credits". Very often, the pending credits vanish and are never awarded to you. Webperspectives answers some emails sometimes. A response is more likely if you email the manager Jennifer White directly (jwhite@webperspectives.ca). They'll award the vanished credits to you, but ONLY if you can tell them what the survey number was and the exact date you took it. Because this has happened to me repeatedly even after I point out the problems, I can only conclude they are deliberately scamming people. IMPORTANT: If you do participate, keep a log of every survey you do.


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