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Updates On The PTC websites I Have Joined

I am going to run down and do an update on each site I joined and let you all know how that is going.

Hits4Pay - I believe in my Hits4Pay video I mention joining their affiliate builder program. It says I have had 2 referral signups, yet they do not show for me as referrals and my earnings have not increased. I opened a support ticket with Hits4Pay to find out how all that works. I could just be in the wrong but when paying the $5.99 to use this program I was under the impression if they signed up under my link it would be a referral to me. Once I hear more I will update.

The site is a slow earner so I am only at $6.30 but getting there.

NeoBux - This is the website I invested $10.00 dollars in on rented referrals. I have 4 days and then these referrals are done. My earnings are up to $9.81. Which is good but a bit disappointing. However I discussed PTC issues with another user. Below is some of what we talked about.
"Do you think most people make their money from rented referrals…

When Did I Start Making Money Online?

I may of already mentioned this on my blog but will mention it again. Around late 2008-2009 I had started seeing advertisements for work at home jobs posting ads. I was a complete newbie and Internet cautious but seeing the payment proof pictures and seeing the big houses and nice cars made me think "I could do this"

At this point I already had my first Visa with my local bank and had a job but wanted to learn more. I wasn't thinking to much about the fact some websites were asking for one time payments of $49.99 or whatever it may of been at the time. A lot of disappointment came with buying these programs. The only one I don't regret buying is Profit Lance because it did actually show me how to make a blog and traffic techniques. I am embarrassed but if I think about it, I probably have spent at least $500 dollars on programs and membership websites to learn about making money online. The first site I ever paid for turned out to actually be a website that just show…

Make Money With MintCoins Phone App

Aside from earning money online we can now start earning using our phone apps. You can find apps to save money on shopping, paid to task apps or apps like MintCoins.

What is MintCoins?

The app is free to install just a FYI. Basically you get paid to complete offers. My favourite would be downloading a free app and starting it up. I always delete the app afterwards if I don't like it. You can also complete surveys.

The above picture is an example of what you can do to earn money. The points is the same as cents really. 4 cents for downloading a game and opening may not seem like much but it can add up fast!

How Am I Payed?

You just need $1.00 to cash out! Which will be sent to your paypal.

As you can it is fairly simple. I am able to cashout today and plan on doing so to get that extra money in my paypal.

Make More By Inviting People!

It may take some time on your own reaching the payout. If there is enough stuff ready on the app you could reach it in one day. There always is more mon…

Renting Referrals

To try and make more with 2 PTC websites I joined I have decided to invest $20.00 dollars. It works out to spending $10.00 on each website to rent 50 referrals. I am hoping I make my money back plus some extras.


April 23 is when I got my rented referrals from Neobux. Take a look at the picture below of my current stats.

It is not a huge change but $4.56 is better then the 12 cents I had earned. I invested $10 bucks and get these referrals for a month. It seems slow earning but I think I will make over my money back which is my main goal to test it and see how it goes.

The Bux

Today I spent $10.00 dollars on 50 referrals for The Bux website. So far this I have found is quicker to earn from my own clicks. So these are my current stats

Now I do not have a picture to show for referral clicks but when I do I will share that too. Of course each website gives other sources to earn money but I mostly stick with the grid game, viewing ads and trying to get signups. I will have another post…