Updates On The PTC websites I Have Joined

I am going to run down and do an update on each site I joined and let you all know how that is going.

Hits4Pay - I believe in my Hits4Pay video I mention joining their affiliate builder program. It says I have had 2 referral signups, yet they do not show for me as referrals and my earnings have not increased. I opened a support ticket with Hits4Pay to find out how all that works. I could just be in the wrong but when paying the $5.99 to use this program I was under the impression if they signed up under my link it would be a referral to me. Once I hear more I will update.

The site is a slow earner so I am only at $6.30 but getting there.

NeoBux - This is the website I invested $10.00 dollars in on rented referrals. I have 4 days and then these referrals are done. My earnings are up to $9.81. Which is good but a bit disappointing. However I discussed PTC issues with another user. Below is some of what we talked about.
"Do you think most people make their money from rented referrals?" His response was yes because direct referrals are hard to get and keep active.

We also talked about the fact that 50 referrals is fine but you need 100s maybe even 1,000s to make any sort of money with it. All good notes to take in. I've read a few books about NeoBux and one tactic mentioned is to recycle referrals  with clicks at 0 for an average. This cost 0.07 cents so I did it a few times, but should again as I have 3 needing recycling...

Current Stats:

Please note this picture was taken before I requested my 1st payment.

Next picture is of my first payment which I requested today and got 10 minutes later!

ProBux - I did not invest actual money on referrals with Probux, instead I used my own balance to get referrals. I got 3 rented referrals and up to $1.41 in earnings now, it cost .60 cents to rent 3 so not bad I made my money back. I also click my ads on this website as well. I do need $5.00 dollars to cash out though so when I reach that I shall post it to my blog.

The Bux - I am not sure how to feel about The Bux. The website at times is so slow it bothers me. For 2 days I had issues clicking which was quite terrible really so I decided to say "The hell with this" and withdrawn my earnings.

So you can see I got $6.38 from the bux, and I actually got my payment fast so that was enjoyable.

So I made some earnings, took a while but got some money back. I will try and keep everyone up to date on these websites and how its going with them.


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