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I discovered this website on a blog I read and wanted to join when I saw the advantages of what you can write about. I joined Bubblews, June 10th 2013. I posted 1 article and then was MIA for quite some time. The entire time I was MIA I thought my username was "NSCountryGal" Come to find out I left the L off so its actually "NSCountryGa". So I started posting again June 23rd 2013. The 12 days I did not post anything my only article earned me $1.08. So right away I knew I had to get on this website and write more. I was able to earn $4.86 over the last 5 days. 

Now Bubblews doesn't pay you upfront or a flate fee this is is based on revenue share. You get paid for every view, comment, like/dislike, and social media shares that your article gets. So even if the article is just sitting there as long as people keep viewing it, you will earn some income.

I have made a lot of connections with people of the website so every time they post I read their post and either like or comment or do both and they do the same for me, probably the easier tactic to make some cash. You also can do legit traffic techniques like sharing to facebook, twitter or your blog even. They do have a section that explains what you cannot do, for example, use Traffic Exchange, Bots, Proxies to gain views is bad. Below you will see my current stats:

Looking at it and seeing 18 post seems a bit "wow I made no money" However there is a lot involved with getting views. Sure people may stubble upon the article but its very important to make connections with other people on the website and view their work as well.

People write things from reviews, stories to personal stories. The site advertises speaking freely, which you really can do. I have been working a lot offline lately so while at work I sometimes pop into Bubblews but its not enough or doesn't seem like enough.

Anyhow I wanted to share this since it looks promising. Once you reach $25.00 you can request payment.

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  2. Nice. I already bought a domain name and am making a website, its been taking long but working away at it.


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