Tellwut Survey Panel Review

I was browsing one of my favorite WAH websites and came across Tellwut the other day. This website looked interesting so I wanted to check it out.

The bad news is that this website doesn't pay in paypal money, instead gift cards. I have nothing against gift cards as long as its to something of interest to me. At current this is what they offer:

$10 Gift Card - Points: 4,000 (US Only)
$10 Future Shop Gift Card - Points: 4,000 (Canada Only)
$10 Best Buy Canada Gift Card - Points: 4,000 (Canada Only)
$10 Cineplex Gift Card - Points 4,200 (Canada Only)
$10 Barnes & Noble Gift Card - Points 4,200 (US and Canada)
$10 Home Depot Gift Card - Points: 4,500 (US Only)
$10 Tango Card - Points: 4,500 (US Only)
$15 Gift Card (Canada Only) - Pints: 6,000 (Canada Only)
$25 Gift Card - Points: 10,000 (US Only)
$25 Walmart Gift Card - Points: 10,000 (US and Canada)
Tellwut T-Shirt XL - Points: 15,000
$50 Gift Card - Points: 20,000 (US Only)
$50 Winners Gift Card - Points: 20,000 (Canada Only)
Barnes & Noble Simple Nook Touch E Reader - Points: 35,000 (US and Canada)
$100 Gift Card - Points: 40,000 (US Only)
$250 Gift Card - Points: 100,000 (US Only)
Motorola Xoom Android Tablet - Points: 250,000

Upon looking at the description for the gift cards I noticed you must be a US resident. Amazon was going to be my prime choice or Wal Mart out of all the cards. That is ok though, I can try and work with that. Sadly by the looks of the rewards, other countries won't be able to sign up :(

Depending on what you order also can take 10-15 days plus shipping time, so don't expect it right away!

So you may be wondering what types of surveys are on this website, pretty much anything. Here is a picture of one.

You can see from this picture this survey was simply 1 question for 5 points. Very easy and quick to respond to.

I timed myself for doing just 10 minutes of surveys which equaled 145 points... Some surveys were 1 question which was worth only 5 points, while the ones a tad longer were worth 10 points. The good news is that you are not really screened out you can do most of the surveys. If I find one not applicable I don't do it. Upon signing up you can earn 200 points very quick by creating your account, adding personal and shipping info. As well the personal is not one of those long survey profiles its very short!

Although I am disappointed there is no paypal option I like that this website may enable me to get a gift card I can use around Christmas time or a birthday. For how quick it is to earn points it shouldn't be to stressful at all. Since the points are so high though I would say this is for sure a slow earner as I call them but a fun one.

Here is a picture of how to get points on the website

It does state on the website that you won't get referral points until your referral creates and verifies their account. It also states reward point offering may change at any time.

It would be fun if the points were higher but I shouldn't complain seeing that the surveys are very short!
Anyways I wanted to share this because it looks fun and the surveys are so short so I am very excited to see how long it takes until I can cash out for a gift card.

Signup To Tellwut Here


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