Work At Home Goals

When you think about working at home, do you set goals? What do you want to accomplish? Tons of people say they want to work at home but don't follow through for personal reasons or frankly just giving up... How does one recover from the loss of feeling they failed? I think we have all been down that road.

Every time I have begin a new journey making money online it ended bad usually.. It is easy to get discouraged when some of the things you do offers low pay compared to high. Make yourself a clear goal such as "I want a work at home job", "I want a work at home business", "I want to be an nonindependent contractor"

A lot of people don't realize some work at home jobs are low paying and do not TAKE off your taxes which in return will make you a an nonindependent contractor. Most sites explain this though before you sign up. Some work at home jobs actually pay you an hourly rage with benefits.

Be sure to check websites and do research if something doesn't feel right... There have been plenty of scams online and they probably won't be ending anytime soon. I advise if you have a job not to quit until you can make a stable enough income online and also not to set high goals. Depending on your choice of action could mean some low income for a while or none for a long time.

Again it depends highly on your goal and what your doing. If your on a PTC (Paid To Click) for example then you wouldn't want to say "I wanna make $20, the first month" That doesn't always happen. The same goes with making money blogging, its not going to happen overnight it takes time because of the huge amount of work involved.

The only goal I have set for myself is try and make $10 - $20 a month, I believe this small goal will keep me motivated. It all is in how you work and what you are doing after all... Since I don't have a work at home job my money comes from things that pay cheap like cents per task, etc... So this goal is realistic.

I just wanted to share with everyone that its important not to go crazy setting big goals at first but set them once you see some money... And write out a detailed plan of what you want to do online to get started and what you will do to accomplish it.


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