Reached Payout On Bubblews!

Good evening everyone. I can happily say I have at least reached payout on bubblews. I talked about it before in a post letting people know it was a revenue share type website. Within 72 hours I should start the process of actually getting my $25.00 delivered to my paypal account.

The website has been a lot of fun although it took me close to a month to earn the money. However I need to start putting more effort into this website! The picture above I posted a copyright sign on it with my other username "NSCountryGa" It should be Gal but misspelled during signup! If you want to see some stuff I posted feel free to check it out!

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  1. Hi Lee,
    How you did this please explain the whole story it can be inspiring for others who desperately want to earn some cash?

    Johnny Depp

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    1. Hi, I will make a post hopefully today all about bubblews to educate others better. :)

  2. HI Lee,
    Great to know that you are concerned about my query.It is must that people aware about the simple tricks to earn money. Thanks for replying.

    Johnny Depp

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  5. Thanks all for the comments, glad everyone is liking and learning from my post.

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