Freebies, Sweet Dreams Sample From P&G (Canada)

If your like me and I am sure you like to save money and get coupons and freebies when you can. I found a nice one this morning from P&G.

Get This Sample Here!

I am not affiliated with this company so no that is not an affiliate link its a direct link to the site to signup for this free sample, its limited qualities so go now!


So very straight forward just click where it says "Register Today" and you will be on your way. It also appears this is only for Canada.

On a good note since I already was signed up to P&G my info was filled out so I just had to review it then hit submit and was taken to a page letting me know deliver is 6-8 weeks.
Remember these are samples so no their not huge like in the picture, and the delivery time is long but its free, can't beat free!


  1. Free is Easy :) -- Jim Rohn

    really , nice i would really have to get that Freebie .
    I'm in India , they'll soon open the doors for Indians ,
    but Canadians you can get it easy.

  2. Yay!
    Boom! open for India
    now the P&G Freebie site is also available for Indian's
    you can visit
    thank you.

    1. That is great, thanks for sharing that link!

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