PollBuzzer - Never Been Screened Out Of A Survey!

When I first started making some extra cash online, surveys was where I started. It is easy and most companies accept you as long as your location matches. The problem I find with survey companies though is when you get an invite, start filling out the pre screen questions and then your screened out and not paid a cent! It happens,  there are times we just are not eligible for certain surveys. So I wanted to talk about Pollbuzzer, one site where I am never screened out of a survey.

The plus side of this site is that they pay using paypal and as far as I know there is no payment threshold. They pay on Mondays. Their surveys seem to be based on demographic profiles, so its possible some people may get more invites then others. Make sure to use a valid email on signup they will send survey invites to your email.

You also can earn $1.00 for each referral you bring to Pollbuzzer. The downside is that your referral needs to respond to 4 survey/questions before you make your dollar. I currently have 3 referrals but none have answered 4 questions yet. There also is an affiliate option where you can earn as well. This site is a slow earner, I have not gotten many surveys to be honest but I have been paid an extra $1.00 here and there is fine by me!

The picture above is of my recent survey payments from Pollbuzzer. Again not much but every cent helps. And the surveys are super short, I don't think I have answered any more than 1 question. 1 question for $1 dollar sounds good.

You can signup to Pollbuzzer here

Business can signup here and send out surveys 


  1. Really nice to see your payment proof of Poll Buzzer.
    when i tried to signup then it says email id is already in use .
    I've joined this site few months ago but i forgot that i've signuped
    but now i'm able to login
    haven't received survey yet since long while ... and that's due to my Demographic i'm from India.
    if the survey is available for me they'll send me let's see.
    Thanks Lee-Ann

    1. I know how ya feel I get hardly any surveys but its a good side cash and you do not need to request payout they just sent you the money as you earn it. Hopefully you get more surveys in the future. :)


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