Samplesource Sample Pack Is Live! (USA and Canada)

I  love this website! I got my first sample pack in the fall of 2013 so this sample pack (spring edition) will be my 2nd. It is all free! The samples my pack will include is chocolate, shampoo samples, hair care and laundry related things. At the end of filling out my order I also was offered the choice of a free magazine sample with 6 issues. You do not get billed they just stop sending you the magazines at the end of your free versions.

Samplesource sends out samples in the spring, summer and fall. Their website claims no winter samples because they don't want them to freeze which makes sense. Especially in my part of the world, Canada! It can get pretty cold. Speaking of which we just had a ton of freezing rain and snow today, yuck! By the time the samples get here it shouldn't be to cold though. Also keep in mind only 1 package per address, so you can only apply once per offer period which makes sense. P&G does the same thing I believe.

I highly suggest for anyone interested to signup as the samples just became live today. As far as I can tell this is only valid for US and Canada.

Signup for free samples here!


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