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This is very interesting opportunity and good if you do not want to talk on the phone or do customer service. The pay is very low though. I think the highest you can earn to categorize a call is 2 cents and that is on a certain type of call. You can get bonuses while working though for accuracy which will increase your earnings. Here is a video below to give you a better understanding of Humanatic.

 This video more explains what humanatic is but also gives an idea of what the humans (us) will be doing. I don't know how but when I check the leader board I have seen people making $30 a day on this site! I am guessing they get a ton of bonuses.  Today when I logged in I was greeted with this page,

For a while I had forgotten about the website and it was listing an old bonus from a long time ago with recent ones. I know its not much money but it adds up. The site is interesting, you listen to a call and below will be options, you just choose really what the call was about or if a voicemail picked up, stuff like that. There is a handy info spot you can check before choosing a certain category if you are unsure or email support if anything seems confusing.

My only con so far is that earnings may change during the day, I am guessing this is when a call gets marked wrong. So it is very important to mark them correctly, which will also enable a chance at bonus earnings. The other issue is it will send you into a break room for 30 seconds while the system checks progress or the call so to speak. Not a huge deal really but annoying. When stuff like this happens I hop on Swagbucks, Tellwut or InstaGC. I have not been able to get a payout but I expect to soon if I keep working at it.

Sound interesting? Signup Here to Humanatic. They are in need right now of bilingual reviewers but also accept English. Also if you would be so kind feel free in the section for "Referral", you can enter my email if you, which is ""  You don't have to but if you want to, feel free. Once I reach payout I will make another post about it later on. :)


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    1. Thank you very much for the nice comment. I am glad you found this informative! :)


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