Some Updates On Me And Work At Home Stuff

Hi everyone! It has been a while since I posted. My last post was about cashing out for a cineplex gift card. I am still waiting for that card to show up but I am confident it will come. I got the other card no problem from them. I was able to cash my Pinecone Research cheque with no issues at the bank! I was worried that they would want to hold money but they didn't so that was very nice for me. Thankfully Pinecone is allowing me to use paypal now which is better for me since I rarely go to the bank. Currently I have over 1,000 points in my Pinecone account. 500 points is the same as $5.00! Not bad really. I could cash out but I am letting it grow a bit first.

And now an update on Bubblews. I have not been posting to Bubblews mainly do to my offline job and some other things happening in my personal life. I think it has been about 25 days since I posted to Bubblews. I hope to start up again though, I did always enjoy the site. On a good note though on August 17th I logged into the website and was able to cash out even though I had been inactive.

I am sharing this picture for an important reason. I have had people asking me if it takes 30 days for payment now. Bubblews is now setup to tell you when your redemption should be processed. In the picture above it says September 17th, which will be 30 days. I know it is a bit annoying but it is the way the site is now.

And finally I have found a pretty decent independent contractor job for myself with Intelichek doing phone mystery shopping I am able to start Monday. I work at my other job Monday 11am-4pm so I hope I can make this work around that schedule.

Oh I also am still scanning my purchases for Nielsen Homescan. Every month then send me a $15.00 dollar pre paid visa and I just redeemed for 1 free movie ticket with my points from their site. I am quite pumped about it, I must say. Well I don't really have anymore updates right now but I wanted to let everyone know where I have been!


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