No Payment From Bubblews :(

Back on August 23rd I made a post which also showed a picture of my redeem from Bubblews. In this picture it stated "The current estimated time until the redemption is processed is September 17th.". If your not sure which post I am talking about, you can find it here

Well folks for the first time in a long time Bubblews has not paid me. October 17th is fast approaching which will mean that I have been waiting 60 days past when I hit redeem. Waiting the original 30 days for $50.00 dollars is bad enough but not getting paid at all is worse. I have 2 more redeems that are suppose to show up October 18th and 24th, so I guess we will see. I am not getting my hopes up.

Back in 2013 I was never paid my 4th redeem, I emailed support with no response but continued posting. I didn't think it would happen again, especially with a  bigger amount but it has. I am sure some people are wondering why I no longer post to the site. It has been 2 weeks since I posted anything to bubblews and I probably won't be going back until I at least get my other 2 payments.

I use to praise this site a lot but there is a lot of people not getting paid. I even read one story of a woman getting her account deleted eventually and like me she never broke any rules. Now that I do work at home full time I kind of, sort, of...Maybe just maybe was counting on that money to help towards some bills, we can forget about that. I don't believe Bubblews to be a scam but they need to get their act together. Tons of people faithfully follow the rules and some just do not get paid, it isn't fair or right.

Ah well, no point in bitching about it I guess. I just felt the need to let my readers know because I did make that post about redeeming but aside from that I never got the money. I am hoping I get the $100.00 they owe me coming up, if not then I am done with that site. I would find another site but its hard finding good sites like that. Well mainly sites that allow you to write in first person. I find that easiest and wanted to stick with it. If anyone reads this please, if you know sites that allow you to write in first person let me know? Well today is Saturday and I need to make some money so I am off. Thanks for reading my rant of the day. :)


  1. I'm also facing the same problem. I had withdrawn 151$ on September first and it was suppose to deliver on October First. As of now I didn't receive my money.

  2. Check your bubblews account now. You can track your missing payments and they had changed rules and many had lost their accounts. I guess users form Pakistan, Vietnam and Bangladesh are blocked to use bubblews..

    1. Thanks for the comments. That is terrible sorry you are going through the same. At this point I think their not going to pay me the $150 they owe me. Which is fine, I just will never write for them again. Their new rules suck btw, waiting 60 days is stupid for payment.

  3. I had 3 missing payments from them.
    I sent an inquiry on them the other day.
    Today I made a post and about 5 minutes later received an email saying my account was deleted.
    I sent an email back to them, but don't expect a reply.

    1. WoW! Bubblews did pay me 2 of my missing payments. However I should of got another $50 Sept 17th and still have not got it. I just stopped going to the site for a now. They seem to really be going downhill, that sucks.


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