September Earnings Overview

September was probably one of my best months as far as online earnings go which is great. I've added InteliChek to my income stream so that is helpful to make that extra money. So here is some screenshots for everyone can have a look at what I made.

1st Paypal Account:

This paypal account pretty much only gets my Quicktate earnings. As you can see it was a bad month. Not because of Quicktate but because of me. I was so busy with the other sites that I use. October should have slightly higher earnings though.

2nd Paypal Account:

This is my main paypal account. So just to go over what you are looking at.
Usertesting is a site where you can get paid to look at a website and answer questions or voice where something is confusing. You will need a microphone though as it records your voice. I very rarely qualify for these test but I did qualify for one and got paid $10.00 dollars for 20 minutes of work! BBI Marketing is Pinecone Research. I don't get constant surveys from this site but they are great you get 300 points per survey which sort of is the same as $3.00. You can cashout as low as 500 points which is $5.00.
Zurb Inc is a site called Enroll. You do little short surveys so to speak, not sure how to really word them. You will notice 2 black bolded areas. That is for Intelichek, I just didn't want to show the persons name who sends the payments.

 So here I will share just random stuff that I got that wasn't part of paypal. For doing Nielsen Homescan I got a $15.00 dollar prepaid visa card. For homescan I simple just scan my groceries and tell them the price of how much it came to and done. I also earn points that can be used for gifts. I already received 1 free movie ticket and soon will have enough points to get a $10 Chapters gift card.

From TellWut Surveys I also got a $15.00 giftcard. It was sent via email with a code so I had to use it online on the site.

So as you can see it really was not a bad month at all. I am hoping October will be even better. Especially now that I am working from home as a living, so I need to make what I can to pay bills! I hope this post inspires people just starting in work at home, it takes hard work but you can do it!


  1. Bundles of thanks for providing such kind of blogs with the informative and impressive articles. make money online

    1. Thank you, I will check out your link there which I assume is your website or blog.

  2. Thanks for posting this info, it's helpful. I received an email from Intelichek requesting my availability for an interview. I responded but never heard from them again. How long did it take for you to get an interview?

    1. I had a hard time with them actually. I had to email quite a few times and my interview was through email because he couldn't call Canada for some reason. I did some test calls then talked to another lady who asked if I wanted to do it and I said yes. I think it took me a month of emails to get to the point of the online interview.

    2. Same here. So is it possible to earn $75 per day with them? If so, approximately how long will it take?

    3. Not sure which you are talking about. If Inteli then yes if the project is paying that much. Probably would take 6-7 hours. Some calls pay less than others not it is not always possible.

  3. Yes, Intelichek. Thanks for the feedback. How is the work consistency? I heard they have down times due to no work being available.

    1. Work has been pretty constant. From December until January there was a very low paying project. The most I go is 1-2 days without work if their waiting for more. I have heard others say sometimes there is no work but as of lately since I joined its been steady.


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