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This is an interesting way to make a quick $10 bucks per test. Usertesting is a website that allows you to signup for free and when test are available and if you qualify you can do a usability test. I have been a member of the site for a while now but only made it into 3 test. Now that is still $30.00 but the work is not steady and some people may just qualify for test more than others. Here is a screenshot of my payments so far with this site:

Note I marked out the URLS. Those are the sites I went to for the test and I am sure they may not want that shared. So you can see the dates are a bit far apart, I can't speak for people getting many test though. I am sure someone out there earns more on this site then I do. And yes all those spots that say "Paid" I was paid each time! :) You will notice some stars and a talk bubble. When mousing over this bubble its steps to do better on the next video or what I did wrong. So you can see I had a good one then a not so good one.

Normally I get emails from this site when test are live but not always. Sometimes I log in and find some waiting so I do the qualify test and if I don't meet the requirement I can't take part in that particular test.

What Do I Do To Get Paid?

It is quite easy since there is onscreen instructions. This website records you visiting a website and gives you task to do. So it may ask you to find something and if you found it easily. Or what you think of the layout page. It doesn't record your face but your voice will be recorded during this. At the end there usually is a couple questions you answer by typing them out into a box. It is fairly easy work and well worth it. Considering $10.00 in most places is min wage for an hour, these test take 20 minutes or less most of the time.

I wanted to share this since this is a nice refreshing way to make some cash instead of writing, or transcription and other activities. Not that I don't like those because I do but sometimes its nice to do something quick for quick cash. Feel free to check it out here

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  2. Definitely keep your dashboard open. Once you get a new test, you will hear a "ding." Tests sent to your email are almost always grabbed up fairly quick. You get paid $10 per test, $15 per mobile test, and $3 for something called a PEEK test. You get paid 7 days after a completed test. That is the only downfall for me, otherwise, it's a great site!

    1. Oh wow cool! I did not know about the ding sound if I leave the dashboard open. I will try this next time I login and see how it goes. Thanks for that! :)

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  5. Well, thanks to you Lee-Ann, I have found yet another site I can check out. It's great that you're sharing all of your tips, advice, sites, etc. For the computer illiterate, it can be a little daunting if you don't know how to go about finding legitimate sites. And you've filled the void. Thanks! :)

    1. Thanks for the comment I appreciate it very much!


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