ForumCoin Payment Proof

Good morning everyone! I am happy to let you all know I got paid from ForumCoin. I sent the message off to the admin very early this morning and when I woke up the email was in my account showing that I got $5.00!

I was quite excited at how fast the money came through. Here is a screenshot of the email below:

I know some of you may be thinking that 5 dollars is nothing. I get it, it is not much. But hey it is kind of better then Postloop. I use that site still too but the forums I use are constantly disabled, so this is a good site to turn to.

It is not just about the money though. You can find a lot of information about work at home stuff here. So I highly suggest people who are interested in work at home and various topics to join.

I joined May 17th so it took me 6 days to earn my $5.00 from the forum. You can post 25 post a day and I know a couple days I didn't quite meet that, or maybe one day. I forget but either way I love finding new stuff that pays quickly.

I will try and make a video early next week show you guys the site a bit more.

If you want to join signup here


  1. So, you can actually post in forums and get paid to do that? I've never heard of such a thing....yeah, I've seen forums, but they've always seemed confusing to me (haha...I AM a blonde!) I'll have to check it out. Thanks again for this tip. :)

    1. Yes you can. And not just on ForumCoin. Postloop and ForumWheel are 2 others. All 3 sites payout and are decent.


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