Microworkers Payment On The Way

I've had a Microworkers account for a long time but often forgot about it. It is easy to forget when doing other things online and I always have so many sites on the go this is a common issue for me. This could be a nice alternative for the people who cannot use Mturk. Because I am in Canada I cannot use Mturk which is very frustrating but what can ya do, their choice.

As of recently I have been needing cash quite frequent so I started doing Microworkers more to see if I could get payout. I clicked for my first payout today. When I logged in my account was at $10.07.

This is a screenshot of the page that comes up when you request a withdraw. The black lines are there just to cover my email and my PIN. I know I read some people were getting these PINs through their mailing address but it allowed me to just have it send to my email and then I put it in where it says "email verification pin". You will also notice there is a fee. Now I do not know if this fee is lifted with a higher payment or not. And you can also see they have 3 payment options. I put in 10.07 and it wouldn't let me because of the fee so I had to switch it to 9.31. It seems to have gone through to them.

Again the black is just hiding info of me. So you can see upon me doing this that I have a pending payment. I have not got it yet and I am not sure how long it takes to get the payments. Hopefully not to long. I will try and give a better review of this sometime this week maybe through video.

If interested in trying it out sign up here


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