June Updates Among Other Things

Hi guys I figured I better post something so I thought an update might be due here. In my previous post I was pretty excited to make my first cash out happen with Microworkers. I guess the only bad news is that I am still waiting  for my PIN to arrive in the mail. On a couple forums I visit I asked other people about it and one lady commented on waiting up to a month for her PIN. So I am going to not request my new PIN yet in case its just lost in the mail. Once a month comes I will request a new one. I have never heard of this site not paying anyone, seems to be good reviews. I will keep you guys updated once the payment gets here.

Here is something else interesting that happened. I use Postloop every single day as long as the forums I visit are online and active. I do not cash out everyday on this site because I am only a member of about 6 forums. Postloop has way more then that but I am the type of person that can't join a bunch of forums I either have no interest in or just unsureness of what to write in these other forums. I guess it probably sounds like a sad excuse but it is true. There also is some locked that I cannot write on because my rating is not high enough.

So to get back to the story I had joined a forum last night I never saw before and it was part of the work at home niche. It didn't have many points but I thought "What the heck". Sure enough after 2 post I never got any type of credit for it. I waited a while then contacted the owner about it and asked if maybe I had something entered wrong on the portion where you subscribe to the forum. She seemed very nice and said she would look into it and make sure I got my points. Well I wake up this morning to no message from her and her forum is now removed from Postloop according to my "Recent Alerts" section.

So I am not sure how to feel about that, I have never had a bad experience with any forums on Postloop other then maybe a forum getting banned for instance. I am a bit let down about it and feeling annoyed but I only made 2 post so I am  glad I did not put much time into it. However those 2 post would of made me closer to cashing out.

Aside from that update I am pretty much doing the same stuff as before online for cash and trying some stuff I use to do, which I will talk about below.

Other or New Ways To Make Money

I have been a member of this website for a long time but I am not going to lie here as soon as they upped their points from 500 to 1,000 needed to cash out I was very discouraged. The only way to make high points on that site is surveys (which I hardly qualify for), writing an article, or doing the offer walls.

That doesn't mean it is a bad site though because it isn't. I have nothing bad to say about ChatAbout. They have paid me every single time and every time I tried an offer from the offer wall I always got credit for it.

So you guys can plainly see that is a shot of the money I have made on ChatAbout. You can see the old points of 500 and the change to 1,000. I find it harder to cash out now but I am going to try going to the site daily if I can to at least do some post and see how it goes. Even if I could cash out once a week that still is an extra $20 a month.

If you want to, sign up here


I was trying to find a good way to do something with my phone when I am not using it. I know a lot of people love Perk TV but I only have one device so to me it wasn't worth it. I guess the only annoying thing with AppTrailers is that you have to actually click each thing to watch it but my phone sits beside me as I work so that is not a huge deal.

Now as I write this I have it beside me playing some trailers. This is not something you are going to get rich with by any means but just an additional way to make some cash. Of course though because it is playing videos make sure you got a stable connection to Wi-Fi or a really kick butt data plan. We have Wi-Fi thankfully. I have no payment proof for this website yet since I have yet to make 500 points to cash out. At current I am up to 95 points. The rewards you can get as of right now is Paypal cash, Amazon.com card claim code, Starbucks card claim code, Xbox gift card code, PlayStation credit (US only),  Steam claim code. For this one just search it in your app store and it should be there, I am not entirely sure on that though, it may not work on some devices.


Since talking about this one ForumCoin has made some changes. For instance previously you could do 25 post a day now it is changed to 17. Before you get upset keep in mind there is a lot of people on that forum and the forum needs to be making money so I am sure the cutback was needed. It may be temporary, once more cash comes in it could go back to 25.

Regardless of that though I already have payment proof on my blog for this site. I even have a video on Youtube promoting it because I thought for anyone struggling with online income right now, this could be a good chance to get some. No you won't get rich but 500 points is worth $5 to Paypal, seems worth it to me!

If you want to, signup here


I found this one on ForumCoin and it looked like fun. This is a very low earner but it is fun. If you want a new action adventure browser game this could be enjoyable. Daily you can take your knight to the temple and once there you "pray" upon praying you either get nothing or could get gold. From there you can visit the tavern. The tavern gives you a daily dungeon.

The dungeon is the fun part you explore and can get gold, keys to the chest room and other rewards. Make sure to buy a sword before venturing. Every month the game resets and you lose everything you got. Reason, well whatever gold you have they take it and covert it to real dollars. They do give you 500 gold each new month to start out with though. To make the best out of this the day before the game resets make sure to sell everything you have since you start with nothing again anyways. Also there are other ways to earn gold but I have yet to try them yet.

I do not buy gear I just buy a sword and repair it when it breaks to save money. I showed up at the end of May and did 3 dungeons so that wasn't much at all. Once they converted the gold to cash I had $0.005. I know it sounds like a PTC nightmare. Just remember this is a game and pays you to play, look at it that way. I am testing this one and doing the dungeon daily to see how it goes. I have no payment proof but once I have some I will post it.

If you want, sign up here


This one appears like it could be slow earner as well. However it might help if I actually share my articles on Social media but I don't bother to. I posted 2 articles so far and made £0.013. That is right they pay in British pounds. So that is a good thing for me because the last time I did a currency conversion in Paypal from Great British pounds to Canadian it was a nice conversion. 

I found out about this site on ForumCoin and people have posted payment proof pictures. I am sure once I write way more that could help as well. I like this one because it has lots of categories so I can write about work at home among other things. Once I reach payout I will post proof here.

If you want, sign up here

Aside from that I have been using Swagbucks slightly more to try and find ways to earn points quicker. I never was a huge fan of Swagbucks though because I have a hard time earning with it. Same as the new site Earn Honey. You can watch videos on Earn Honey for cash and surveys but their player crashes on me a lot (I think they are in beta).

Well I am sure some of you know of these already but I wanted to update you on what is going on with me and some of the stuff I added to my daily routine and to vent about what happened on Postloop. Feel free to leave a comment, I will get back to you if you have questions or concerns.


  1. Thanks for sharing all of these! And yeah, the money seems a little low, but overtime can and will build up.....that AppTrailer sounds like something I would definitely be looking into. And I've applied at several survey sites...never seem to get approved, and definitely not for the big money payouts. :( Oh well. But I'll be sending this link to my sister who wants to do something from home....maybe it'll give her a few ideas.

    1. Even though the income from these sites goes towards my bills this would be supplemental income not full time or anything. Just extra money. Or Christmas cash.


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