The Work At Home Risk - Dying websites

Hey guys I am sick right now, well was super sick yesterday but today just neck/head pain and a sore throat. I have been resting and due to that I did not make much money online the last couple days. I was looking at my blog tonight, well the archives. My first post is from 2011 and it reminded me of websites that have died over the years. - I remember this site and I remember never actually getting a payout from this website. I remember writing a Hubpage and making a free website with my ideas of training to get villagers/referrals for anyone who joined me. Yeah I don't know why I stopped going to that site but I am glad I did. I tried to visit the site today and it redirects to a GoDaddy page. So we can see they are no long in existence.

Hits4Pay - As far as I know this site does pay people but I don't know. I've never got payment from this site but have over $7 in my account. Every time I login there is no ads for me to view so I stopped with this one. If anyone else is using Hits4Pay maybe you can share if this one is paying?

MintCoins Phone App - I loved this! This was the first app I ever added to my phone to make money with. You simply downloaded an app, opened it and got paid. In some cases to get paid you had to use the app for 2 minutes or so.  Assuming the reviews on this apps page on the Google play store are real and not bought reviews then people are getting on with it well. I uninstalled the app after spending 2 days off and trying new apps and not getting credit for it.

TellWut Survey Panel - I still use this site but as of recent I no longer get access to 16-24 polls per day like I use to now it is 10 or less so I often forget to come back here. The site is legit there and always mailed me my gift cards though.

Digital Generation - This was some program I use have running on my computer that earned me money. I only ever reached one payout and I did get it. Since then though I had to uninstall the program as my cash area stopped updating.

Bubblews - Many people no longer get paid by this site. I was one who never got my last $50.00 payment because I fell in line to when they announced payments would be stopping by such and such a date or something. I remember the payment before that taking 60 days to get to me or so. This site had its good time in the sun but its no good now. I no longer use the site. I am not sure how active they are or if anyone has got paid since the site stopped paying me.

There are also websites that I have never wrote about on my blog that apparently are gone. And those are the Bubblews clones. I am sure anyone who visits work at home forums probably know what I am talking about.

One was called "Hello freedom" and they are gone, I tried to visit and there is no website anymore. CGP Gallery was one I felt good about and reached payout on but never got my money. I emailed them and never got a response and as far as I can tell they are gone now. Linker Zone was one I posted 10 articles on and soon dropped out and I am glad I did they now have "This Account Has Been Suspended" this when you visit their website.

Of course  a lot of people got excited when those writing websites had opened up. They had similar rates Bubblews did but I think some failed to realize that is a no go, those rates won't work...

So Much Risk

So the point of this post was not just to give my opinion but to let people know I am no guru I am just really honest about this type of stuff. This is bad for people working from home that do not have a real job. People like me who sign into multiple sites a day to pay their bills. Its a risky game to play but I cannot do call center work so it leaves me with little opportunities due to lacking certain skills desired for online jobs.

There are people making a good income from running a successful website or blog. Or Youtube even. To me you need a personality type to be successful with that and a good idea. Although I have some  followers and comments I wouldn't call myself super successful on Youtube, just someone passing information.

Take your time folks if your new to work at home and research your options. Although my blog has some ideas its not the best income for people who need to make more then me to get by. I am one of the rare people getting by on pretty low income. Anyways this was an opinion post and I just wanted to share my frustrations at the dying websites but something most home workers come to learn in time with this changing economy.


  1. You mentioned Hits4Pay and I have used it since April 2007 with a very good experience. Lately it does have fewer ads, but I stick with them because they pay with no hassles. So far I have made $2,434.50 and it's just from clicking ads and having referrals that click ads.

    1. Wow that is pretty awesome to know! I did not realize just how much could be made with ref clicks. Well even though I was not having luck maybe I should go back and give it a second chance, thanks.


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