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Someone had posted about this on ForumCoin and I was excited to try it out. For signing up under that person we each got $10 bucks. And I went with what appeared to be one of the quickest ways to get some cash. I paid for a service from Fiverr. For doing that I earned $14.00. So $10+$14= $24. Well actually it is more like $19 once we deduct the money from Fiverr. In my case because of the currency conversion I actually only made $17 or so.  Either way I made some money for simply just buying a fiverr gig!

Here is a shot of my dashboard:

You may notice little orange like dots under where it says "status" those are to show both things are completed. I have not cashed out yet but when I do I will share payment proof if I remember.

Something else to keep in mind is that this site has tons of retailers in regards to where you can get cashback from. It is not limited to just services like Fiverr. Some stuff has up to 10 and 20% cashback.

But yeah stay tuned as I will get payment proof up soon of this and other sites. Also I did get my Microworkers PIN so I should have payment proof soon for them.

If TopCashback sounds interesting, sign up here


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    1. I agree with you. Some people don't want to make a career they just want to supplement. I am trying to make a career :)

  3. You asked about Hits4Pay and I have been using it since April 2007 and been paid Total Earnings: $2434.50. It's against the TOS to post proof, but look around the Internet and you will find me trustworthy. I should add it's not fast money and it does take getting referrals to earn much, but it is reliable. I have notification turned on so they email me when a new chance to pick up another few cents is available and recently that can be as seldom as a few cents a week, but my referrals add to that.

    1. Yes you are very trustworthy thanks! I have read tons of great info on your blog and ForumCoin.


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