Microworkers Payment and TopCashBack Payment Proof

I had mentioned in 2 old post that once I had proof from Microworkers and TopCashBack I would share. The Microworkers payment is actually from June 18th I was waiting for the other site to pay me for I could just post both pictures together. :)


I am very happy that this site paid me at last. The biggest wait was for Microworkers to send me my  PIN in the mail. It took just over 3 weeks to get it to me, so a very long wait. After applying the PIN to the account though I got my money fairly quick to my Paypal.


This payment took a long time not to get to my paypal but to get verified and confirmed. It is a cash back site so some of this is not instant. I was pretty happy though that when I selected to get paid it came to me the next day so no long waits which is always nice.

Well everyone I am sorry the post isn't much longer but I don't have anything new to say about either site I just wanted to share that I did indeed get paid.

Sign up to Microworkers here

Sign up to TopCashBack here


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