Updates And My Long Hiatus

Hello fellow work at homers and other people who stop by to read my blog. First I want to apologize for not being around. I am pretty sure in one of my Youtube videos I did promise to update this blog but just am now getting to it.

My Hiatus

This little hiatus I was on actually didn't include all the sites I use online it only was hurting my blog and Youtube channel. Sites I use to earn extra cash I did still visit, maybe not as often as I would of liked but I was visiting some daily. So part of the reason for all this was because in July 2015 I finally decided I had to tell my doctor about my long standing suffering with depression and anxiety it was to the point that it was controlling my life in a huge way. I couldn't do my blog or Youtube anymore because I was to depressed. Sometimes I could step out of my depression but other times I was a lump not moving. It got very bad... I had become this lazy person which I am not and stopped working online for a while.

So I was started out on medication which slowly started to help. My doctor also referred me to mental health. I had my intake appointment where someone there suggested my next step. I was placed on a list to see a therapist but it could still be 8 months before that happens. I am not happy about that but it is what it is. In the meantime I am trying hard to be positive but with all the setbacks going on and financial issues I have been in a constant rut you could say.

Stress, relationship issues, family issues, and getting use to those pills were all reasons why I went MIA. So I want to say sorry and also sorry to share something personal but I wanted you guys to know more about me so I don't mind sharing.


So a large reason for my constant anxiety and depression is money. I live a very frugal life but it becomes an issues when you can't pay all your bills and get declined by government support programs for money. My long term boyfriend is the breadwinner right now but of course that is extra stress for him. I have months where I can easily cover everything on my end bill wise and other months where he helps me out. So to get rid of my debt I declared bankruptcy not something I am happy about but I needed a new slate. I needed to be able to start over fresh. I learned the hard way from that mistake so I know I won't be repeating it.

My other update is that around the end of Jan 2016 I started a paper route. I was worried about it since I was using my car and my car is pricey for gas. Well to make matters worse my car had to have 2 major repairs. And I still have a few things to fix but cannot do it right now. I actually ended up ending that job over this weekend gone by. I felt really bad because I liked it but it is costing me to much in expenses to keep up with it. So I do have at least a pay coming that will cover my bills this month hopefully or most.


I am not setting an end date on these goals or they won't get done more than likely. But what I would like to do is delete some of the old content from my Youtube. Anything to do with Bubblews for instance I want gone since the site is no more. And I may also delete some blog post on my blog as well that are outdated. I also will in the near future try and get an updated post on the sites I am earning money on as well.

Well that is all for a now. I will try and slowly get things back in order here to keep you all updated more often and share more work at home news.


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    1. Yes I did, I guess I am just not interested in that right now.

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