Making Less Online But It Won't Stop Me

It is very true these days I am making less online, not enough to cover all my bills. Thus far my boyfriend has become very supportive as he knows for over 2 years I was having a break down with anxiety and panic attacks and major depression episodes for a while, thanks to medication I am feeling better. In that time though I had stopped working online almost completely then would start up again.

Now I have been back at it for a long time but making sure to take a day off or work a half day on the weekend. I am noticing some sites I was getting some work from have died down which leaves me to mostly make my cash with sites of chance and sites that could take over a month until I am able to cash out.

I can say with a smile though that what I am making covers 3 of my personal bills and sometimes leaves me extra to play with or a gift card here and there since some sites don't have Paypal as a payment option and anyone who knows me knows I always like to choose Paypal. I want to make more of course but it will require hard work. See I am hurting myself in a big way by not taking a work at home phone job. My situation doesn't allow it unless background noise is allowed. One of my favorite bloggers actually has a nice list of those jobs that allow background noise, Phone Jobs With Background Noise

So out of that list I had in the past applied to some and never heard back. I will give a thumbs up to InteliChek, I use to do mystery shopping there but don't know. Aside from owning your own online business or having probably a diploma in something it could be hard to find something higher paying. I am sure most people reading this have heard of those search engine evaluation jobs with Lionbridge, Appen and other companies oddly enough I never got accepted to those and failed one test for Appen. This post is not met to discourage but I won't lie to my readers. The start of 2016 has been rough but I am trucking on and trying to put more hours in online.

In the end though making less or not, I am not letting it stop me and I am hoping to make a big goal or idea for myself to push my efforts. Don't let fancy sites fool you, earning online is indeed hard.

Also the link I shared above is to a lady I really value and trust a lot of stuff on her site has worked for me, most of it is aimed for USA or Canadian people though. In the coming weeks I hope to post more :). In the meantime you guys can find me active some days on the following sites:

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