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Is Your Board Full Yet? Mine isn't but check out my post below to see the tips I share to get it full for me and you hopefully too.

I use to not hugely like Swagbucks but I am having some better success with it these days and am pretty happy with that. Right now each day that I login to Swagbucks I see an interesting banner talking about Swago and it says PLAY & EARN UP TO A 300 SB BONUS!

This started on June 20th and ends June 27th so there still is time to play. And this would be a good time for interested people not using Swagbucks to signup and try this out. A lot of the board is stuff I already do anyways so marking off each thing just gets me closer to earning more Swagbucks. You can join Swagbucks here

Swago - What Is It?

Now I am not sure how often Swago comes out but it does look exciting. The game reminds me of bingo and I will tell you why in a minute. The Swago board is a good time to do stuff you already do and as you do the task listed on the board the task gets  marked off by changing to a color. The white boxes on the board means they are not complete yet. Keep in mind though in order to get points you need your board to match one of the patterns on the side which acts as a legend almost. Here is a look at my Swago board:

On the right side there is a pattern area. I have not submitted a pattern because well if I do I will be done with my Swago board. Just because it shows 2 submission  patterns doesn't mean you can submit both for points. In fact you can only submit one pattern so play carefully. So right now I am trying to get my X pattern or Perimeter then I will submit the board. Of course the full board would be fun to fill but I am thinking I won't have success with it. Either way it is extra SBs so why not play.

The board is active until June 27th, 12pm PT. So I still have lots of time to try and fill mine. A lot of the board so far has been easy I have found. Every day or every couple of days I have success completing a Gold survey but I am not sure how to do it on my mobile, so until I figure that out I may need to settle for a different pattern.

Something else to keep in mind if you are new to Swagbucks and don't have very many SBs it might be harder to complete a higher pattern. Some of the blocks may require you to spend SBs. For example one block says "Enter the $2,000 Summer Cash Swagstakes" Swagstakes require you to buy tickets to enter using your SBs so be mindful of that when trying to complete a pattern. Also the block "Redeem Your SB For Any Gift Card" will probably require you to spend 500SBs or more in the gift card store. Unless there is one cheaper which is possible because gift cards tend to go on sale. And if you are like me with no referral yet then at least 2 of my blocks will not get marked off.

So remember to use good strategy to get the best bonus prize you can. Once the Swago game is over I will update either my blog or twitter to let everyone know which pattern I got to submit. :)

Additional Tips To Get Your Swago Board Marked Off :)

I will be honest I prefer Google for my searches but I think it is worth using the Swagbucks search box. If you get a search where you can claim some SBs for a reward this will mark a block off your Swago plus give you some extra SBs for your bank. If you need help setting Swagbucks search to your homepage this page should help.

Swagcodes are a good way to get extra SBs and to mark off another block on your Swago board. Right now there is a Swag Scoop Swag Code Extravaganza going on. Now I think the link I am sharing might be more for Canadians I am not sure but it lets me know where to find the Swag codes, and for how long this is running. And if you get all 6 throughout the day you get 30SB. Here is the link

If you are not doing this daily routine already make sure to do your daily poll for 1 SB and to mark off a block on your Swago Board. It is very easy and takes less than a minute to do.

Now I don't know about anyone else but every other day I will play the Swagbuck games just for the SBs. There is a block to mark off on your board for this but make sure you earn SBs from the game other wise it won't get marked off. This happened to me the other day and took me 10 minutes to realize I had read the block wrong it said "earn sbs" not just play a game and its marked off the board.

Don't forget about gold surveys. There is a board you can mark off for attempting a survey but you do need to earn that 1 SB bonus you get for trying for it to mark off. And if you complete a survey that is another board marked off. There also is options from a mobile device but I am still trying to figure that one out.

You also should get the Swagbutton. There are 2 places on the board that can be marked off for this. The first is redeeming a swag code from your Swagbutton. And earn some SB for watching videos from the Swagbutton.

A lot of it is quite easy on how to mark the blocks off and may be things you already do anyways. Good luck with it :) I hope some of these tips help people having issues with understanding their Swago board.

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