Updates And A New Job!

I figured I would post some updates about myself and some sites I use. So first I wanted to post about UsabilityHub. I noticed that the "Lobby" where you wait for new test to show up has had a really nice new change. For someone like me who loves to multi task this is a good change. I like it a lot.
As I have stated before I like to multi task and speaking of multi tasking I did post a Youtube video about my routine:

In my routine I do mention about leaving MintVine and UsabilityHub open while doing my work online. Well now with UsabilityHubs new feature, if my headset is on I can hear a noise when a test comes through and the browser tab flashes. And it is set to always be checking so I won't miss out on test. Sadly a few times I did try to access test though and they were grabbed up very fast. So I am thinking a lot of people are loving this update. On average I cash out about once a month at UsabilityHub which comes out to $20USD. This might be the first month where it may be July when I get a chance to since some test slowed down. Still a good site though. You can signup here

My next update is Swagbucks related. So I kind of slowed down and have not been hitting my daily goal everyday with Swagbucks but I am trying to at least do some of the stuff I want to do. I did the recent SwagBark challenge and my team came in last place.

I just noticed that this expires at the end of June yikes! I should probably try and get a gift card by then. I was trying to save for a Paypal gift card but I don't know if I can with my Swag Up close to expiring, I wanted to use it but if I don't get to that is okay too. You can signup here

Everything else is going the way it always does. I have not got a survey from Pinecone Research this month yet so my earnings are not that great at the moment for June. I will post an earning post sometime in July like I did with my May earnings for everyone can see.

And lastly this is the biggest update but it is not related to online income. I had applied twice to a cleaning job and a month later they contacted me. I had a phone interview and was offered the job. I start July 3rd at 8pm and will be cleaning my local YMCA. I am excited to have a job that should be pretty stress free for my anxiety. That is one reason why I left my call center job I was way to anxious all the time and depressed. I love cleaning and being on my feet so those 2 things combined should help me enjoy this job. It is only part time but I am okay with this as it will be extra income to supplement my online income.

I am not entirely sure of the hours or days I work yet but I am guessing mostly evening time since the YMCA closes here at 10pm and 8pm on Saturdays. So you may see me MIA but I am going to try and stay active. One of my summer goals was to post to my blog a bit more and so far I am doing okay with that. Alright that is all I just wanted to update my readers and let you all know what is going on with me. Have a nice Sunday! Happy Fathers day to all the dads out there and happy earning. :)


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