November Earnings And Updates

For anyone who follows me on Twitter or knows me on some forums, you probably have noticed my activity has dropped quite a bit. Again because of my offline job. I am also going through some other things like my weekly therapy session and possibly soon weekly career counsellor sessions. And of course the holidays are fast approaching.

So November was not a good month online either since I have been dedicating less time earning money online. But for what I did make, I shall share.

November Earnings:
UsabilityHub - $20.00
Prolific Academic - $6.48
Total: $26.48

Well truth be told this is one of my worse months yet. But in a big way it is my fault and only my fault. The less time I have been online is why. The UsabilityHub earnings actually also come from September, since it took me a while to cash out.


Not a lot is going on right now other then working a lot. My sleep is still an issue. I mean let's face it, I have to be up at 2:30AM at the latest to get ready for work, so I have been laying around at 6pm for bed or earlier which is just plain weird. But oh well, it is what it is I guess.

The place I went to for career help is a big stepping stone, I am being referred to a career counsellor and just waiting to hear the word on that now and hoping for the best with it. I just hit 30 and November and want to make some big changes. My dream still is to write as a living and work from home full time. But I also think it might be wise to get some training on the go. I am thinking Accounting but my mind my change.

Aside from that I do still do stuff online. Oh I forgot to mention in my earnings that I did get 2 gift cards for Indigo from Swagbucks for $20 in total so that helped with some Christmas shopping. This dollar store job may be seasonal though and if it is, well it could be over for me in Jan but I am not sure yet.


  1. really nice Lee Ann , I have just signuped for UsabilityHub
    what's are the tips that you can give me to get tests ?

    1. Thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate it :). I don't think UsabilityHub really has long profiles to fill out. I have mine filled out with my country, age, sex. Make sure that is filled out, and if you are online working a lot I suggest leaving your UsabilityHub testing page open, and have it always looking for test. When a test comes through it makes a sound. Hope that helps.


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