December 2016 Earnings

I think December so far has been the worst month earning wise for me. It has been a busy month for me though. My offline job may be coming to an end though which will mean I can spend more time online.

December Earnings
Prolific Academic - $6.14 
Pinecone Research - $3.00
Total: $9.14

The holidays had me busy as well since I actually saw my family both Christmas eve and day. And work was crazy, there was a lot to do with getting ready for the holidays. 2017 is upon us now and I am hoping to make more online among other things.


  1. Nice to see your earnings report Lee Ann,
    wishing you happy new year
    Your earning will be increased this 2017.

    1. Thank you very much. I hope you have a wonderful New Year too! and happy earnings as well :).

  2. SwagBucks is the best work from home website.

    1. I do like Swagbucks but I don't think it is the best.


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